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How To Rebuild The Drain Pumps In Return To Moria?

Are Dwarves good plumbers?
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Rebuilding the drain pumps in the Lower Deeps is one of the trickier missions in LOTR: Return To Moria. It’s not just simple repair because The Watcher is lurking from the water, and you’ll need to be crafty in order to overcome the obstacles and successfully rebuild the drain pumps. Here are steps on how to achieve just that.

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Drain Pipe Rebuilding Guide

To avoid unnecessary annoyance, clear your inventory of all the valuable gear. You should do this because, in this mission, you will often be the target of attacks, both from The Watcher and Orcs, so it is wise to avoid the risk of losing valuable equipment every time you die.

However, you will need to bring some items, and here’s the full list of all the resources you will need for this mission:

  • Stone
  • Iron Bars
  • Ubasam Wood
  • Coal
  • Wood Scraps

Note that you will need to build pipes after you make a bridge to cross the water.

Getting Ready for The Quest

Once you get to the flooded area of the Lower Deeps, build a bridge with Ubasam Wood to cross the water. You can do that by forming a road to the middle platform, where The Watcher first roams, which is the reason to flee to the waterfall on the other side, far enough from The Watcher. Be careful, though, as he can sometimes change his path and attack you there as well.

When you safely get to the other side, build together a Hearth and a Furnace, which will allow you to craft three replacement pipes for the pumps. Be aware that you will need to carry replacement pipes by hand as they are too large for inventory. The carrying of the pipes will significantly slow you down and make you a target for The Watcher, so keep on your toes.

Building Replacement Pumps

Place the first replacement pipe inside the building and the second one behind it. You will maybe have to create platforms or use the existing ones to reach the place where you need to put the pipes. When you approach the side of the building, you will see the third pipe. Notice that sometimes a random group of enemy Orcs will spawn, so it would be ideal if you bring some weapons with you.

After all the pipes are in place, head to the main room, where you will find a lever next to the large cog. Pull it to drain the water away from the door and proceed further.

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