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How to Find Ranger Pages Locations In LOTR Return To Moria?

Learn more about how Rangers protected Moria
LOTR Return to Moria
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Most of us older millennials were introduced to the Kingdom of Moria while reading or watching The Lord of the Rings. This underground dwarven Kingdom was a place of fame and glory up until dwarves woke up an ancient demonic entity called Balrog from his slumber.

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria takes place during the Fourth Age, after the events in The Lord of the Rings. Moria is now free of Balrog, and it’s ready to restore its former glory. A company of dwarves arrives at the famous mines so they can explore and reclaim their former kingdom.

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Where are Ranger Pages Located?

Before the fall of Moria, Rangers defended it against the evil creatures that dwelled in Middle – Earth. Little campsites that the heroic Rangers left behind can be found among the ruins of Moria. While scavenging one of those camps, players may find a Ranger Journal stashed inside one of the frayed bedrolls. However, the Journal is incomplete, and the missing pages are scattered all over the map.

Ranger Pages Location

The tricky part in finding the Rangers pages is that this game is procedurally generated. That means every new playthrough has a different map configuration. Therefore, we cannot help you with the exact location of the Ranger pages. However, you’ll have the biggest chance to find some of those if you try looking through The Western Halls of the Mines of Moria.

How to Look For the Ranger Pages?

The rule of thumb is that you have to be thorough in your search. To increase your chances of discovering a Ranger page, you need to check every single object in a campsite. That means looking into every nook, every corner, and every structure to find the pages. Sometimes, you will have to break certain objects and structures to obtain the mysterious pieces of a journal.

These missing pages can be concealed in a number of locations, such as deserted buildings and towers, Orc outposts, and other Ranger camps. Rangers’ Pages are buried beneath rocks and other debris, which you may retrieve using a pickaxe to dig them out.

Why to Look For the Ranger Pages?

The Ranger pages don’t have only a collectional value. By gathering them, you will also find out about the history of Moria, told by unusual storytellers. The Rangers’ recordings broaden the game lore, adding some depth to the history of Moria and the brave Rangers that once protected the dwarven kingdom.

Finding the Rangers’ pages is a good way to find out more about courageous people who risked their lives for Moria’s protection. For more related articles, try our guide about How to Find Ihraz Granite In LOTR Return To Moria.

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