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How to Get the Rock of Rocks in Live A Live

That rock looks awfully familiar...
Credit: Nintendo/Square Enix

If you’ve ever seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, you probably remember the super-weird intro scene where a bunch of cavemen find an alien monolith that bestows them with heightened intelligence. Live A Live takes quite a few inspirations from classic film and television, so it’s not surprising that that mysterious monolith would make an appearance. Here’s how to get the Rock of Rocks in Live A Live.

How to Get the Rock of Rocks in Live A Live

The Rock of Rocks (also known as the Basic Rock in the game’s original fan translation) is a unique item you can only get in Live A Live’s Prehistory chapter. It can be used from your inventory in a fight like a Hard Rock, but its true worth is as an accessory. Any character that equips the Rock of Rocks will gain a 50-point bonus to their special attack stat. This is handy for a few of Pogo’s abilities in the Prehistory chapter, but it becomes invaluable later in the game.

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To get the Rock of Rocks, you’ll first need to progress the chapter right up until you get to the chapter boss, the same point where you could go fight King Mammoth. When you reach Kuu Village, the home of the red-haired cavemen, Gori will run off after seeing the cavemen escorting some women, knocking out the guards in the process. When you find him and nudge him enough to get him to rejoin you, backtrack back to the Wild Lands. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you see a little cutscene of two cavemen falling into the hole Pogo and Gori fell into earlier.

When you exit that cave back out into the Wild Lands, take an immediate left and go down onto a small cliff. On this cliff, you should see a distinctive rock shaped like a face. Stand in front of that rock and interact with it exactly 100 times, no more, no less. On the hundredth interaction, you should hear a little click sound, but if you touch it again, you’ll have to hit it another 100 times.

Credit: Nintendo/Square Enix

After you hear the sound, go all the way to the western cliff face, where a new cave should be open near the wandering caveman artisan. Walk into the cave, and you’ll see that distinctive black monolith. Here’s the important part: go up and interact with the monolith, and you’ll be prompted to pick an item from your inventory. You need to offer it a Bone; if you pick the wrong thing, you’ll be kicked out of the cave and be forced to smack the rock again.

When you offer the monolith a Bone, it will bestow the Rock of Rocks upon you. Make sure to equip it onto Pogo for that special attack boost!

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