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How to Get the Cola Bottle in Live A Live

That's some powerful fizz.
Image via Square Enix

The original Super Famicom version of Live A Live is legendary among JRPG aficionados for a variety of reasons, but one of them is the presence of one of the most frustrating item drops in history: the Cola Bottle. This item can completely break the game if you can get it, but actually getting it is an endeavor and a half. Decades later, the Cola Bottle is still a hassle to get in the remake. Here’s how to get the Cola Bottle in Live A Live.

How to Get the Cola Bottle in Live A Live

The Cola Bottle is a special piece of optional equipment that can also be used as a regular item. When used, it instantly deals 999 damage to anything within its targeting range. Not only is that hideously powerful, but it’s infinitely reusable as well. To say this thing can completely break the game is an understatement, but fittingly for something so powerful, you’re going to have to put some work in to get it.

The Cola Bottle is held by King Mammoth, a secret boss that can be encountered in the Prehistory chapter. He can be found in the large, open area Pogo ends up in right before fighting the final boss of the chapter. Before you go looking for him, make sure Pogo has at least 700 HP, and save your game. Seriously, save your game. I’ll tell you why later.

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In order to find King Mammoth, you’ll need to use Pogo and Gori’s tracking ability to get a whiff of his scent. Smell the area and look for a scent cloud that smells like a mammoth. Follow the scent and the sound of the mammoth footsteps, and if you’re lucky, you’ll come across King Mammoth.

Image via Square Enix

King Mammoth hits hard and wide, so the name of the game here is disabling and distracting. As soon as the fight starts, have Pogo use Sleep Trick to put King Mammoth to sleep. If it doesn’t work, just keep trying until it does or until King Mammoth gets close enough for Pogo to use Poke Bind and paralyze him.

Once you’ve got some breathing room, have Gori use Poop Throw to lay down some poison tiles. King Mammoth’s abilities lay down fire tiles, which both hurt you and heal it, so make sure to keep using Poop Throw to keep the field around him poisonous. While Gori is doing that, have Pogo keep using Sleep Trick and Poke Bind to keep King Mammoth in place. If you get a spare turn, you can try having Pogo use Fly Huge Boom to deal some big damage to King Mammoth. Only do this if you don’t need to heal, though.

Image via Square Enix

Keep up this cycle, and eventually King Mammoth will go down. It’s at this point that I sincerely hope you’re a lucky person because King Mammoth only has a one-in-three chance of dropping the Cola Bottle. If he drops it, great! If he didn’t, then you’re going to have to reload your save and fight him all over again. Now you know why I stressed saving your game right before fighting him.

The Cola Bottle is not required to beat the chapter, so only pursue this if you really, really want to. Just know that there is a distinct possibility you’re going to be at this for a long while.

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