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How to Make the Strongest Ranged Weapon in Minecraft

Your enemies won't stand a chance.
shooting creeper in minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios / Microsoft

Minecraft is know as a mostly peaceful game, with weapons only to keep the evil monsters at bay. However, there is a very real PvP community for Minecraft, and those who enjoy vying to become the most fearsome warrior. Generally, bows and crossbows get slightly overlooked when people envision epic Minecraft PvP. But what if I told you that the strongest weapon in the game is a ranged one? Here is how to make the most powerful weapon in Minecraft.

How to make the strongest weapon in Minecraft

The crossbow itself is a decent weapon, but arguably not the most powerful. Well, that is without these essential upgrades we’re going to give it. Just be warned, it won’t be cheap.

In a nutshell, the best way to quickly deal lots of damage is to have nine crossbows with a certain set of enchants and components, that I call the ‘super-bow’.

firework barrage in minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios / Microsoft

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Craft nine crossbows, you’ll see why later. Now, don’t worry about grabbing a load of arrows. Instead, we’re going to use fireworks. That’s right, our ammo will be area-damaging fireworks, but fireworks don’t deal damage in their basic form.

To make our powerful fireworks, you’ll need to make explosive firework stars, that are made by putting one gunpowder, one dye of your choice, and a firecharge into the crafting table in any pattern. With that firework star, place it in the crafting table with three seperate gunpowders and a piece of paper. That will give us an explosive firework. Make at least a stack of those explosive fireworks.

enchanting crossbow in minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios / Microsoft

Now we have the payload, we must make sure the crossbows themselves are in viable condition through enchanting. The two enchants you’ll need for each bow is multi-shot and quick charge, preferably quick charge III.

Then, load each crossbow with a firework and have them lining your inventory. In your hands you have a whole barrage of 27 explosive fireworks that can hit multiple targets in about three seconds. Just find a target, and hit right-click to launch the three fireworks. Between shots, quickly select the next crossbow.

After your barrage, your opponent, or opponents, will have significantly less health, and will be startled, confused, and stunned for a moment. Use this to your advantage as you pounce on them, or quickly load another couple super-bows for even more damage.

Have fun!

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