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How to Make Modern Art with Human in Goat Simulator 3

Show your artistic side.
goat simulator 3 artsy fartsy
Image via Coffee Stain

I don’t know much about modern art, but I do know what I like. In the case of modern art in a Goat Simulator game, that would probably be random bystanders suspended in a strange and embarrassing, yet ultimately harmless way. Don’t worry, you don’t need an art degree to put this one together. Here’s how to make modern art with humans in Goat Simulator 3.

How to Make Modern Art with Human in Goat Simulator 3

In the middle of the Suburbsville area of Goat Simulator 3’s map, within a park area next to a big body of water, there’s an event titled “Artsy Fartsy.” Off to one side of this area is a large, metal statue made up of several twisty hook things. In order to complete Artsy Fartsy, all you need to do is stick any random three objects on these hooks.

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However, if you check your Instincts, you’ll find there’s a very particular means of completing this event you can do for some extra rewards: make the modern art with humans only. Completing the event in this way will earn you more rewards than just using random objects would, and it’s a lot funnier to boot.

Grabbing Humans

goat simulator 3 artsy map
Image via Coffee Stain

All you need to do to finish Artsy Fartsy in this manner is find any human bystander hanging out nearby, grab them with your tongue, and drag them back to the statue. There are no particular requirements for the humans you use, and there are plenty of them in and around the park, so grab whichever ones look funniest to you.

To hang a human on the statue, just drag them over to the statue’s base while you have them licked. They’ll automatically be placed up on one of the metal hooks. Don’t worry, they’re just hanging by their clothes, so they’re fine. Probably. Hook three humans on the statue, and you’ll complete the event and the Instinct simultaneously.

This seems less like modern art and more like one of those half-baked street magic shows. You know, where people do dumb stuff to themselves in public for attention. Don’t deny it, you know some dude would wedgie himself from a public statue for clout.

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