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How to Create a Human Electric Chain in Goat Simulator 3

Star Goat standing in the middle of the cover image of Goat Simulator 3
Image via Coffee Stain Studio

I still cannot believe that Goat Simulator 3 is a real game. But, despite my disbelief, I have absolutely no qualms with it existing. In an industry that largely takes itself too seriously, we need games like this to look us directly in the eye-holes and tell us to create an electric chain with humans. If you’re having trouble completing this task — you’re definitely not alone. Here’s how to create a human electric chain in Goat Simulator 3.

How to Create a Human Electric Chain in Goat Simulator 3

In order to complete this task, you’ll want to navigate to Suburbsville. Specifically, Brumehill Cemetery. Navigate to the Imperial Mausoleum and start chucking random humans into the large pit. It doesn’t seem like there’s a set number that you need, but at least 10-15 should do the trick. Remember, you can headbutt the gravestones to force the deceased’s spirit to join our unholy, electric, ritual.

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It’s then that you’ll want to head back to the mausoleum, where you’ll find an electric smart car outfitted with an energy drink cannon. Did I mention yet how I can’t believe this game exists?! Get in the driver’s seat and drive into the light pole near the mausoleum. If successful, the impact will cause you to become an electrified goat. Head back to the pit and start headbutting your unwitting sacrifices. If you did it right, this should fulfill the requirements! It’s less of an actual chain and more of a … shall I say … c-c-c-combo?

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