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How to Make A Video Go Viral on YouTube in BitLife

How to Make A Video Go Viral on YouTube in BitLife

Part of the fun in BitLife is playing the role of a celebrity or content creator on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The journey is not always easy, and a lot of it relies on luck, especially when it comes to producing viral videos. You can have a viral video in any category, but there are some tips and tricks to consider if you want to increase your odds of making it big like PewDiePie. Here’s how to make a video go viral on YouTube in BitLife.

How to Make A Video Go Viral on YouTube in BitLife

  • Have no fame when starting on YouTube
  • Join YouTube and have less than 5,000 subscribers
  • Post three or more times per year on YouTube
  • Get lucky with one of your videos

Making a video go viral on YouTube in BitLife requires a lot of luck, but there are some things you can make sure of before attempting it. First of all, if you are too famous when you first join YouTube, you will automatically start with thousands of subscribers. While you may think this is good, it’s not great for your odds of getting a video to go viral. Viral YouTubers are initially unknown and start small. When their videos go viral, that’s their claim to fame. So, if you start off as royalty, you’ll want to drop that fame before joining YouTube.

If your goal is to eventually get famous and make a massive YouTube account in BitLife, you can get a job that will ultimately help you become famous over time. Some good options are a writer or a voiceover actor since you don’t have to do much, and your fame will naturally go up over time as long as you work hard.

At this point, you can job YouTube and start small with no subscribers like an average person. To make a YouTube account, go into the assets tab, choose social media, and choose YouTube. Aim to post about three videos per year at the start. You might get lucky and make a video go viral in your first couple of years. That’s what you’re aiming for, and being honest, it may never happen, which is why it requires some luck. All you can do is stay on the grind and keep pushing out a few videos per year while making sure you’re not yet famous.

Once you get a video going viral, you can start your ascension into fame. Thanks to your job as a writer or voiceover actor, you’re already well on your way to maximum fame. Combine that with your growing YouTube channel, and you’ll be raking in millions in no time.

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