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How to make a Chopping Tool in Grounded

How to make a Chopping Tool in Grounded

Want to know how to make a Chopping Tool in Grounded? Grounded is the new survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds, and many more titles. Like many survival games, you start with nothing and must harvest resources and find loot to become more powerful and defend yourself from enemies. In this guide, we will show you how to make a chopping tool. It is one of the early game items you will need to progress.

How to make a Chopping Tool in Grounded

To craft a chopping tool or Pebblet Axe in Grounded, you need the following materials:

  • Sprigs x3
  • Pebblets x2
  • Woven Fibre x1

Sprigs and Pebblets are common materials in Grounded, and you can find them all around the world. You may be wondering where to find Woven Fibre. It is not as easy to find as the other two materials. You will come across resource nodes of Plant Fibres around, which is what you will need to make Woven Fibre.

Get some samples of the Plant Fibre and bring them to the first camp you encounter in your journeys. Look for a Resource Analyzer that you can use to analyze the material and learn recipes to craft. You can find the Resource Analyzer inside a tent at most camps. 

Analyze the Plant Fibre, and you will unlock the Woven Fibre recipe. As a general tip, you can scan all materials, including items you have crafted to unlock even more recipes. Head into the crafting menu and use the materials listed above to craft your Chopping Tool. That’s everything you need to know to craft a Chopping Tool in Grounded. The tool is useful for chopping down stems. Start with items like this to help you progress through the game and unlock better loot and recipes.

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