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How to Live to 120 Years Old in BitLife

How to Live to 120 Years Old in BitLife

Live past the age of 110, and you’re considered a supercentenarian, which is the name of a recent BitLife challenge. Don’t ask me what you’d do at such an age, but it’s quite the accomplishment. Chalk it up to taking great care of yourself and having hit the genetic lottery. In BitLife, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of living this long. Here’s how to live to 120 years old in BitLife, and unlock the Geriatric Ribbon.

How to Live to 120 Years Old in BitLife

To live old in BitLife, you’re going to need to have perfect stats and a bit of lady luck on your side. There is no guaranteed way to make this work, but as long as you follow the proper steps, you’ll increase your odds about as much as possible. As of right now, the maximum age I’ve personally seen is 121 years old. Alright, so how do we do it?

You will want to max out your HealthLooksSmarts, and Happiness, the four pillars of your BitLife bitizen. We’ll tackle each of these attributes one by one and explain how to max them out. It would help if you were born with really high stats, though!

Happiness: Watch a lot of movies, go on lots of vacations, and spend a lot of time with your family. These are simple things in life that will make you content. Practice the activities you see under the Mind & Body self-improvement section. 

Diets play an essential role in increasing your stats. Two diets in particular:

  • South Beach Diet: Increases Happiness and Looks.
  • Mediterranean Diet: increases Happiness and Health.

Looks: While you’re slightly limited to your genetics, there are some things you can do to increase your looks. Two things you will want to do for looks are going to the gym and getting plastic surgery. Liposuction, in particular, can improve your looks stat quite a bit.

Smarts: Smarts is all about studying and going to University, although there is also an element of genetics. All you can do to increase this is going to the library often, watch documentaries to learn stuff, and make sure to go to University and study hard.

Health: The last stat to focus on is your Health. If you want to improve your Health, make sure you regularly visit the doctor, especially when you’re sick. Living a relatively simple life with one job also plays an important role. Stress and anxiety indeed take a toll on your Health stats.

There you have it, that’s how to live to 120 years old in BitLife. I hope these tips help you out so you can earn that Geriatric Ribbon!

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