How to Level Up in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived after a day long black hole event. With the new chapter comes new challenges and a plethora of changes. Leveling up and earning XP has changed a bit, which will affect the Battle Pass functionality. It is actually easier to level up now than it was before, meaning casual players can take advantage of the system to get that sweet, sweet loot.

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How to Level Up in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite is now catering more to casual players in regards to the rewards it offers in the game. You can gain experience and level up through simple actions like opening chests, searching ammo boxes, and simply staying alive. Medals can also be earned which grant a significant amount of experience as well.

Each day you can get a new Medal punch card that has room for ten total medals. The slots on the punch card will get filled up as you earn medals for completing tasks. Each medal is worth 2000 XP, except every fifth medal is worth 4000 XP.

Starting in Chapter 2, actions like discovering named locations shown on the map can grant you 2000 XP a piece. Other actions like opening ammo boxes and loot boxes will grant you 65 XP, while other actions like fragging opponents will grant you 85 XP.

The complete list of actions that grant XP is actually pretty extensive, so it’s tough to list each individual action one by one. A general rule of thumb is to basically interact with everything you can to get the most XP and progress through the battle pass ranks quickly.

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