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How to Kill Enemies With 9 Weapon Classes in Warzone 2.0 DMZ – Sample Platter Guide

Is luck on your side?
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How do you get comfortable rocking different Weapons in Call of Duty? Well you go into the Crown Faction Tier 2 Mission List and take on ‘Sample Platter’. This Mission requires you to kill enemies using 9 Weapon Classes within a single deployment. Whilst you may think that this would be simple, it is proven harder than needed for a Tier 2 Mission due to the ability to only bring it a total of 3 Weapons with you when you deploy. Therefore, what you take with you for this Mission is very important as you do not want to only find duplicate Classes in your deployment. For these reasons, this guide will share our tips on how to complete ‘Sample Platter’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

How to Complete ‘Sample Platter’ Mission

Preparing for the Mission – What Weapons to Take

The Weapons you can use are separated by their Classes. These are: Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Pistols and Launchers. If you have played enough of DMZ you will note that many of these Weapons do not make a regular occurrence within your deployments. Whilst you will get more range of Classes by looting locked spaces, your best bet is to take in the Weapons that you likely will never find in Al Mazrah.

The best Weapons to bring with you into the Mission are Contraband Weapons you will have extracted from previous deployments. These are: Marksman Rifles, Battle Rifles and Launchers. It is highly unlikely that you will come across either Marksman Rifles or Battle Rifles in Supply Crates or even behind locked spaces, therefore these are the best Weapons to have in your Loadout to tick off two Classes within the first few minutes of your deployment. Finally, you should enter with a Launcher as your third Weapon which is held inside your Backpack.

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These need to be Contraband Weapons otherwise your Insured Weapons will get lost in combat due to the need to drop them to complete this Mission. As ‘Sample Platter’ must be completed within a single deployment, you are letting go Contraband Weapons that you will not get back, if you drop or die with your Insured Weapons you will have to wait a period of 2-hours to get them back again.

How to Kill Enemies With 9 Weapon Classes

Now that you have your Loadout prepared, go into Al Mazrah. We recommend this Map due to the quick time-to-kill on the common AI enemies. Unlike Ashika Island, there is a clear distinction between the low-value and high-value enemies in Al Mazrah. You will have a much easier time getting your kills in Al Mazrah than Ashika Island. You should target Al-Qatala Soldiers as these are the lowest level AI you can fight in Al Mazrah. As soon as you deploy, search for the first batch of Al-Qatala Soldiers. Use the Marksman and Battle Rifles to pick these enemies off with clean chest shots or a headshot for a critical hit.

After you get your initial kills with the 3 different Classes in your Loadout (Marksman, Battle and Launcher), switch your Weapons by looting the corpses of the Al-Qatala Soldiers. You should find an Assault Rifle, SMG, LMG and Shotgun off these enemies. You could let the AI shoot you first to determine what Weapon they have, or use a vehicle to get around the Map quickly, taking out all AI you pass and checking their Weapons for the next Class. We recommend keeping track of what Class you have successfully got a kill with via a list on your Phone, that way you do not waste time getting unnecessary kills for the Mission.

Stick to named locations to find Al-Qatala Soldiers to kill. You can visit Strongholds so long as you have acquired a Key to get in, so that you can take on higher-value enemies if you are not finding Weapons such as Shotguns or LMGs from common enemies. Alternatively, fighting HVT Targets could give you these Weapons alongside a guaranteed Key drop which will increase your chances of finding the other Weapon Classes from the locked space the Key can then unlock.

Where to Find Sniper Rifles and Pistols

The best places to find these last Weapons are inside Supply Crates. Whilst you will greatly increase your chances via locked spaces where you will need the right Key to unlock, by searching Supply Crates and Safes, you should run into these Weapons. It is unlikely that they will be armed on enemies in Al Mazrah but you can visit the Buy Station and look at the Contraband Weapons available to purchase. Though this is randomized, Pistols and Sniper Rifles could appear here. The Buy Station is a great place to look for Contraband Weapons if you never found and exfiled with a Battle, Marksman Rifle or Launcher in previous deployments. You may be able to tick off multiple Classes here by using the Buy Station only.

Once you successfully obtain 9 kills through the use of 9 different Weapon Classes, the ‘Sample Platter’ Mission will come to an end and you can move onto the next Crown Tier 2 Mission.

We hope this full guide on how to complete the ‘Sample Platter’ Tier 2 Crown Mission helped you when attempting this Mission. We have more DMZ Missions available at Gamer Journalist if you are looking for more tips and location guides.

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