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How to Complete The Ultimate Weapon in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

A Battle Royale kind of Mission
Image via Activision

As Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ Mode is slowly transforming more and more into a classic PvP Video Game, players are slowly getting used to this through the means of completing specific Faction Missions. What were previously Missions on extracting cash, planting devices, hacking equipment and defeating Bosses under specific conditions, now players will need to face those they were trying to avoid during deployment, the Operators. The goal of DMZ initially is to avoid fellow Operators as much as possible and complete Faction Missions around them, but The Ultimate Weapon asks you to take the DMZ Rulebook and throw everything you previously knew out the window. This is our guide on how to complete this Tier 3 Black Mous Faction Mission.

How to Complete ‘The Ultimate Weapon’

We love Missions that only have one objectives as their summary. In this case, players need to find and kill 3 Operators using the enemy’s Weapon. Whilst this could sound more complicated than it actually is, you are only required to obtain an Operator’s Weapon once and to use that on multiple enemies. You can actually complete this Mission across multiple deployment so do not feel like you have to finish this Mission within a single deployment.

When preparing for the Mission we highly recommend bringing with you a Munitions Box and Tactical Equipment such as Flashes and Stuns. You do not need to worry about Insuring your Weapon Slot, in fact you can deploy with just your fists as you need the enemy’s Weapon to fight. Alternatively, take in an Insured Sniper Rifle so you can shoot Operators from afar. This will help you tremendously in fighting Operator Squads in the nearby area.

The Best Location to Obtain Weapons and Fight Operators

We highly recommend that players immediately go to Oganikku Farms. In this named location, you will want to enter the west side of the Hotel and loot the Hotel floors for common grey Weapons. This will give you the weaponry needed to take down the first Operator. You should not feel the need to leave the Hotel at all during this Mission as Operators tend to spawn behind the Hotel. This is also a hot spot area for Operators to flock to due to the Stronghold on the east side of the Hotel. If for whatever reason the Hotel is quiet in your deployment, you can take in a Insured Sniper Rifle to get the initial kill on an Operator from the Hotel rooftops.

If you are using a Sniper however, you will need to make sure that if you are fighting a Squad, you have killed every member on the team before you attempt to go in and lift their Weapon. If you are not using a Sniper Rifle, you should instead fight Operators inside the Hotel, using the building layout for natural cover and to confuse the enemy. This is where equipment such as Flashes and Stuns are useful in these close-quarter fights.

When you have successfully either wiped a Squad or Solo Operator, you can go ahead and take their Weapon. Hopefully they have something decent in their kit for you to use.

How to Kill 3 Operators with an Operator’s Weapon

Now that you have obtained an Operator’s Weapon, ‘The Ultimate Weapon’ officially begins. If you picked up the Weapon within the first 10 minutes of the deployment, you will have an easier time taking out other Operators are they should not have Armor Vests at this point. You should be able to get your 3 kills within quick succession of one another so long as you are targeting Squads on the Map. Operators will try to revive their teammates so we recommend using this to your advantage by timing your attack instead of running in after getting a down.

You will most likely obtain an Assault Rifle in this Mission so you should work within a close-mid range when taking on your fights. Utilize equipment such as Flashes so that you can gain the upper hand. Always stay within the area for a few minutes upon killing an Operator as you can lure others to the scene to take them out too. As soon as you obtain the third kill whether it is within the same deployment or across a few, the Mission will come to its close.

That was our guide on how to complete the tier 3 Black Mous Mission ‘The Ultimate Weapon’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2. For more DMZ content and guides, check out Gamer Journalist.

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