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How to Join the Goths Clique in BitLife

How to Join the Goths Clique in BitLife

BitLife is a life-simulation game where you can do and become anything you want. Just like real-life, you can also join various cliques at school, depending on what type of person you are and the friends you keep in your company. For those who prefer dark attire and makeup, the Goths might be for you. Here’s how to join the Goths Clique in BitLife.

How to join the Goths Clique in BitLife

To join the Goths clique, you should meet these requirements:

  • Have low happiness
  • Have low looks

Once you get to secondary school, you can start joining cliques around your school. Each one has particular requirements, and you can join them by tapping on your school name and opening the Cliques tab. Select your clique and start hanging out with them to join their group. As long as you fit the mold, you shouldn’t have any problems joining.

For the Goths Clique, you’ll want to have low happiness. You can easily make your happiness plummet by attempting to join other cliques you know won’t accept you, such as the Mean Girls. After being rejected, your happiness levels will plummet. For the Goths, you will want a red happiness level.

Next up, you need to make sure you have low looks. This requirement is a bit strange because, in real life, Goths don’t need to be unattractive. BitLife is a game, though, and not reality. Unfortunately, your looks before being an adult are entirely random. You will want your looks to be low at the start of a new character. Aside from that, the only way to lower your looks is by having a bad diet as an adult.

When your looks and happiness is low enough, you can start hanging out with the Goths Clique to inevitably join them. Again, you can tap on your school name and select the Cliques option. Select Goths Clique and choose the option to hang out with them. That’s how you can join the Goths Clique in BitLife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Join the Goth Clique in BitLife?

If your character has low looks but high happiness, or vis versa, they will be unable to join the Goth Clique. They are simply too happy or too attractive. What a shame

If you’d like to rectify this egregious, cosmic imbalance, you’ll need to reroll your character until you have one with low looks. If you don’t, the Goth Clique will forever reject your application to their coven obscura. As for happiness, that’s a bit more controllable. If you’ve garnered favor with the RNG deities,

If you’ve garnered favor with the RNG deities, there’s a chance you’ll be able to force sad or traumatic events to happen to your character, but if not, you can lower your happiness by trying and failing to join clubs and cliques. Once your happiness and looks have been lowered sufficiently, you’ll be able to find the Goth Clique under the school tab.

What is the Goth Clique in BitLife?

The Goth Clique in BitLife is a clique for those interested in all things dark and depressing. In order to join, you’ll need low happiness and low looks.

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