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How to Insult Your School Principal or Headmaster in BitLife

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Man, I hated my elementary school principal. The dude would dish out world-destroying punishments over the most minuscule things. I would’ve loved to give him a piece of my mind, but I valued my record too much. Luckily, BitLife provides an approximation of that very experience. Here’s how to insult your school principal or headmaster in BitLife.

How to Insult Your School Principal or Headmaster in BitLife

Whether you’re trying to complete the Mischief Managed challenge or just want to do it for its own sake, you can easily insult your school’s authority figure with a few quick steps. Do note that, depending on the country your character lives in, that authority figure will be either a principal or headmaster, but they are functionally the same.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Be a student in primary, elementary, middle, or high/secondary school.
  2. Open the School menu from the Occupation screen. Open the Faculty list, and you should see your principal/headmaster near the top.
  3. You’ll get a handful of options, including complimenting them, reporting other students, or giving gifts. The option you want is Insult.

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At this point, you’ve already accomplished what you’ve set out to do, but if you’re curious, there are a few ways your principal/headmaster can react. They might give you a warning, they might try to counsel you, or they might even fire off an insult of their own. If you’re a repeat offender or your principal/headmaster is just a jerk, they may suspend you from school for an indeterminate period. That’s the price you pay for rebellion, I guess, but at least you got to tell that jerk what you thought of them.

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