How to Grapple onto Crypto’s Drone in Apex Legends

One Apex Legends player may have discovered the most interesting for one of Crypto’s abilities. It turns out Crypto’s drone ability is useful for more than just surveying the surrounding area.

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How to Grapple onto Crypto’s Drone in Apex Legends

One player on the Apex Legends Reddit snagged a clip of them using the drone as a helicopter thanks to Pathfinder’s grappling hook.

Crypto’s Drone + Grapple = Helicopter from r/apexlegends

Not only is this a genius way to utilize Crypto’s ability, but it may also be the most efficient way in the game to get around. All you need to do is grapple onto the drone as Pathfinder and swing around it in circles.

The drone has an added HP buff thanks to a recent patch, so you will not need to worry as much about having the drone shot out of the sky. Now that it’s been revealed to the world, it’s only a matter of time before someone wins a match with this strategy.

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