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How to go to Second Sea in Grand Piece Online

How to go to Second Sea in Grand Piece Online

The new Grand Piece Online update introduces the Second Sea, a new world in the popular One Piece-inspired Roblox game. You may be wondering how to get there and what the level requirements are to take the voyage. Well, we’ve got everything you need to know about it. This guide will show you how to go to the Second Sea (the New World) in Grand Piece Online.

To get to the New World in Grand Piece Online, you’ll need to make sure you’re level 325, which was the max level before the update. Once you attain that level, you can follow the steps below to get there.

How to go to Second Sea in Grand Piece Online

  1. Go to Marine Base G-1.
  2. Sail southwest of the island to Reverse Mountain.
  3. Talk to the monkey NPC on Reverse Mountain.
  4. Sail north northeast and find the World Scroll.
  5. Return to Reverse Mountain with the World Scroll.
  6. Sail through the passage that opens up.

You will ultimately need to find Reverse Mountain, a new area available in Update 4, and complete a short quest. There are a few ways to get to Reverse Mountain, but we’ll show you an easy way from Marine Base G-1.

Go to Marine Base G-1 and spawn your ship on the southwest side of the island. Continue southwest until you reach the Reverse Mountain area. Speak with the monkey NPC, Gatekeeper Puff, on the south corner of the island. That is the gatekeeper to the New World. In order to get the NPC to open the gate, you’ll need to find and obtain the World Scroll. The only clue we have is that it is near rough waters north of Reverse Mountain.

Gatekeeper Puff Reverse Mountain Grand Piece Online

Spawn your ship and begin sailing north northeast. You may encounter a bunch of Sea Beasts, and you can continue past them carefully. You will eventually find a shrine with the World Scroll. The scroll spawns about every ten minutes. Make sure to pick up the World Scroll, and then you can head back to Reverse Mountain.

Where to find the World Scroll in Grand Piece Online
Image via YouTube

Speak with the monkey NPC again, and the gate to the New World will open. After watching the short cutscene, you can spawn your ship and take it through the passage to the Second Sea. Your game will lead you into the new area on Rovo Island.

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