How to Get Sulfur in New World

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The release of Brimstone Sands in New World has stirred the possibilities of the title. The recent addition has presented users with many more avenues to explore and reward themselves. While there are many elements to look for in the game, extracting Sulfur has intrigued players the most.

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It’s a little difficult to get Sulfur in the game. However, we have come with a simple guide to help you out.

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How to Get Sulfur in New World

Sulfur is an important resource with the new Brimstone Sands expansion. It’s mostly used in alchemy and is pungent in nature. Only a few areas have Sulfur, making it tricky to find.

You can get Sulfur in two basic forms. It’s available as Sulfur Chunks, which are rocks having Sulfur in them. Think of it like a crude raw material for extracting the element. Second, the pure and original Sulfur,which is the final product.

You can find Sulfur Chunks while mining Brimstone Ore nodes. However, the process requires you to be at a Mining Level of 130. If you are not familiar, it’s tough to get that high.

To get Sulfur, you must complete a few requirements first. It’s important to perform these steps without dying and then think of getting Sulfur. Here are the requirements:

  • Complete “A Selfless Nature” main story quest in Endengrove
  • Complete “Strider of the Sands”

Sulfur Chunks Location

Assuming you have performed the above steps, it’s time to search for the Sulfur Chunks. The areas mentioned below have an abundance of Brimstone Ores, which will give you the Sulfur Chunks.

  • Baths of Mercury: You will find six bodies of water in this place. Each water body has Brimstone Ore on its banks. 
  • Soup du Hot Springs: You can also find Brimstone Ore spawns along the north pool. The swimming pools also have some Brimstone ores if you care to travel towards the southern direction.
  • Pools of Orcus: This is the ultimate place to farm Sulfur. It has a lot Brimstone Ores. You may find more ores if you go towards the southwest direction from the main area.

Crafting Sulfur From Chunks

Once you get the Sulfur Chunks, you need to go to a Smelter. He will extract the Sulfur from the chunks for you.

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