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How to Get Toothpicks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Gotta Try 'Em All!
Artisan Bakery Menu Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are finally here, and sparking conversation all across the gaming world. It’s not entirely surprising that the latest generation of this long-running franchise introduces new concepts for players to experiment with. But one thing they’ve added to Scarlet & Violet is the ability to make sandwiches for your team of ‘mons. But, you can’t make a sandwich without — what else — toothpicks to hold them together! If you’re struggling to find the elusive toothpicks, read on to learn their location/s!

Where to Find Picks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

If you need to replenish your supply, head for the Mesagoza Artisan Bakery. The price the bakery charges for each pick is listed above, so make sure you have enough Poke Dollars!

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Map Mesagoza
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There are a number of different ingredients that can go in sandwiches. But, there are also a variety of picks that can be used to hold them together:

  • Red Poke Ball Pick (cost: ₽200)
  • Green Poke Ball Pick (cost: ₽200)
  • Blue Poke Ball Pick (cost: ₽200)
  • Vee-Vee Pick (cost: ₽480)
  • Pika-Pika Pick (cost: ₽480)
  • Silver Pick (cost: ₽40)
  • Red-Flag Pick (cost: ₽120)

It can be overwhelming, when faced with that list, to think about which picks you’d like to use and where to find them. But, we have some fantastic news: all of these picks can be purchased at the same location!

What Kind of Ingredients Can Go In Sandwiches?

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are many different ingredients that can go in sandwiches. Ingredients can also be acquired at the Mesagoza Artisan Bakery. They are:

  • Mustard (cost: ₽130)
  • Mayonnaise (cost: ₽120)
  • Olive Oil (cost: ₽300)
  • Ketchup (cost: ₽110)
  • Salt (cost: ₽90)
  • Pepper (cost: ₽100)
  • Jam (cost: ₽120)

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