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How to Get to the Raft in Sons of the Forest

Rafting all the way.
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If there is one way you won’t be able to escape an island located in the middle of the vast ocean, it is swimming. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to encounter several interesting things along the way, like some pieces of wood, rests of a wreckage, a raft, and deadly sharks that will feast upon your flesh. Oh well, here is how to get to the raft in Sons of the Forest. We will deal with the sharks later.

How to Get to the Raft in Sons of the Forest

Whether you would like to get the pistol or just go for a little swimming adventure, the Raft is a very particular point of interest that you will be able to go to as soon as you start the game. While looking at your GPS, you will find some purple markings around the land. We are looking for a particular purple marking with an exclamation point that is not in land, but in the water. Travel to the nearest shoreline you can find, and you will see the red raft in the distance. You know what you have to do, right?

Image Via Endnight Games Ltd

Well, if it wasn’t clear, yes, you will have to swim all the way to the raft. Bring some healing items with you and preferably swim to it during daylight. Why, you ask? Well, the raft has some sharks swimming around it. If you time it well, they won’t be an issue, but they could potentially attack you if you don’t time your swim correctly. That’s where the healing items come in handy and why is it essential to do this during daylight: you will have a clearer vision to avoid them. Time your swim, and you will be able to enter the raft.

Image Via Endnight Games Ltd

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You will find a dead body in the raft, along the pistol and a GPS locator. Both the pìstol and the locator will come in handy during your adventures on the island. The dead guy? Well, he is pretty much useless, put you knew that already. Anyway, jump out and swim to the shoreline again and continue with your survival horror story. Good luck!

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