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Starfield: Best Build for Space Combat

Just you, a sandwich, and the remnants of enemy ships floating through space
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There’s a multitude of ways you can build your pilot to venture out into the unknown in Starfield. You might be someone who prefers to go in guns blazing and ask questions to the few who are left alive. Or perhaps you’re better off leaving your guns in the ship and working things out with words and diplomacy. But what if you simply never want to leave your spaceship? Exaggerations aside, you might be someone who looks forward to the next time you can set off into the stars after a mission. So let’s strap ourselves in and take a look at Starfield: best build for space combat.

Starfield: Best Build for Space Combat

Starfield: Best Build for Space Combat ship

When starting out in Starfield, players get the chance to create their very own character. And while there are a fair amount of cosmetic changes you can make, no choices are more important than your Background. Backgrounds act as classes for Starfield, providing you with a set of skills to help start your journey. With a total of 21 background available to choose from, we’ll need to narrow down which ones will help you gain the upper hand in space combat.

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For those who want a strict space only build for their playthrough of Starfield, you’ll want to choose the Bounty Hunter or Long Hauler background. Since each of these backgrounds have piloting as one of it’s starting skills, it’s up to you whether you prefer to start off with Targeting Control Systems or Ballistic Weapon Systems respectively.

Of course as you level up, you’ll want to assign points to other skills to help your ship faring adventures such as Shield Systems, Missile Weapon Systems, and more. And to make it a bit easier for players, make sure you are taking a look at the Tech skill tree, as it will have all you need to craft the best build for space combat in Starfield.

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