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How to get to Buffalkor Island in Skyblock

A brand new update has rolled out for the popular Minecraft inspired Roblox game Skyblock. We have another post detailing the full list of updates, and there’s a lot of new content to look through including some new resources and weapons. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get to Buffalkor Island in Skyblock, a new island introduced in the update.

How to get to Buffalkor Island in Skyblock

Before you go looking for the island, make sure you have a weapon and some food because there are some pretty strong Buffalkor to fight. Once you have your weapon, head to the purple portal and talk to the Adventurer. You will need to buy a Slime Key from him.

Now, go into the portal and start killing some slime. Eventually, you will find a Buffalkor key, which is what you need to get into the brand new Buffalkor Island. This new island contains a brand new type of mob which is like a Buffalo mixed with a mining node.

These Buffalkor have a chance to drop Iron and even Gold Ore. On the new island there’s also Iron Nodes all around, and a chance to spawn Gold Nodes. If you are trying to farm Gold, all you need to go is run around mining every node in sight. There is a limited amount of nodes that can spawn at once, so destroying the existing ones increases your odds of seeing a new Gold Node.

That is all you need to know for how to get to Buffalkor Island in Skyblock. I hope this guide helped you out so you can be on your way to start farming some Gold.

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