How to get Gold in Skyblock

How to get Gold in Skyblock

The Roblox game Skyblock has finally updated, introducing a bunch of new features into the game. There is a ton of new content in this update, so you will have a lot of new things to explore. One of the important resources added is Gold. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to get Gold in Skyblock.

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How to get Gold in Skyblock

First, you will want to go through the Adventurer Portal to a brand new island that has been added in the new update. Before you go in, though, make sure you have a weapon like a sword and then talk to the Adventurer and buy a Slim Island Key, which will set you back 200 Coins.

After getting your Slime Island Key, go through the portal and start killing slime until you get another key. The one you’re looking for now is called the Buffalkor Key, and you should have it after going through and hitting a bunch of slimes for a few minutes.

After you have that, you need to go through the other Purple Portal and enter it. This is the brand new island where you will find some Gold to mine. You will also see new mobs here, specifically a new one that looks like a buffalo.

Gold can only be acquired on the new island, so you need to make your way over there. As we said, you will need a weapon and two different keys. You will also see a sign pointing to the Portal that also says “NEED WEAPON” in case you forget. To recap, there are two ways to find gold on the new island:

  • Mine Gold Nodes
  • Kill Buffalkor

The gold veins are sort of rare, so you can just mine some other nodes instead and hope a gold one spawns in its place. Otherwise, you will be killing monsters for a long time and probably get bored of it. Keep going through and mining the Iron until you see a Gold Mine pop up.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to how to find gold in Skyblock. I hope this guide helped you out a bit because things are not very clear at first. For other related content, check out how to get Grapes in Skyblock.

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