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How to get the King Slime Crown in Core Keeper

One slimy crown coming up.
Image via Pugstorm / Fireshine Games

As part of a crossover, the worlds of Core Keeper and Terraria have collided, bringing many things to the Core Keeper. One such item is the King Slime Crown, which is an epic quality piece of gear that players should strive to have, if not as an armour piece, then a cool collectible to own. The King Slime Crown is not easy to take, however, you will have to tussle with a boss in order to get it. Here is how to get the King Slime Crown in Core Keeper.

How to get the King Slime Crown in Core Keeper

The King Slime Crown

The King Slime Crown itself if a very powerful item. An epic armour piece that fits in the helm armour slot, the King Slime Crown grants you:

  • +23 max health
  • +11 armor
  • +3 glow
  • +3% critical hit chance

It has 90 durability, and if paired with the Royal Gel, then all slimes will not target you as hostile as you will be, effectively, the king of slimes.

A slimy battle

Image via Pugstorm / Fireshine Games

The King Slime Crown is, naturally, a guaranteed drop from the King Slime Boss. You will need to summon this boss and then defeat it, so you’d better prepare for a fight.

To summon King Slime, you’ll need the Crown Summoning Idol. This item has a 0.23% or 0.24% chance to drop from a defeated slime in-game. So essentially, you’ll need to slaughter many of his subjects to get the Crown Summoning Idol.

With the idol, after grinding slimes, you must place it on any of the three Giant Slime Summoning runes, which are as follows: Glurch’s, Ivy’s, or Morpha’s rune. The battle will begin, and you will have to defeat it.

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With King Slime defeated, the King Slime Crown will drop, and you can now flaunt your royal attire to everyone across the lands.

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