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All Habitable Room Requirements in Core Keeper

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Image via Pugstorm/Fireshine Games

You remember the feeling of getting your first dorm room in college? How it seemed so empty and malleable at first, and then in like a month, it’s covered in garbage and dirty laundry? Yeah, that’s not a habitable room. If you want someone to live in a little space like that, you gotta go the extra mile, and that goes double if said room is in an underground base. Here are all the habitable room requirements in Core Keeper.

All Habitable Room Requirements in Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, there are a handful of merchants you can cajole to come and stay at your base. Having a merchant in your base is immensely helpful because it gives you a hotline for all kinds of useful items and materials. However, to get a merchant to take up residence in your base, you need two things: their signature item and a half-decent room for them to stay in.

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Each merchant has a signature item required to mark a potential room as theirs. These items are dropped by boss monsters located within the game’s early biomes. Specifically, the bosses and items you’re looking for are as follows:

  • Glurch the Abominous Mass of the Dirt Biome. Drops Slime Oil, used to summon the Bearded Merchant.
  • Ghorm the Devourer of the Clay Caverns/Forgotten Ruins. Drops Mysterious Idol, used to summon the Caveling Merchant.
  • The Hive Mother of the Larva Hive. Drops Heart of the Hive Mother, used to summon the Spirit Merchant.
  • Azeos the Sky Titan of Azeos’ Wilderness. Drops Pile of Chum, used to summon the Fishing Merchant.

Creating a Habitable Room

core keeper rooms
Image via Pugstorm/Fireshine Games

Once you’ve got a merchant’s signature item, the next order of business is setting up a habitable room. This will be a safe place for the merchant to live and set up shop. It doesn’t need anything fancy, but it does need the following essentials:

  • Enclosed space, at least 5×5 tiles big but smaller than 8×8
  • At least one source of light
  • At least one tile with no furniture occupying it
  • An openable/closable door
  • A bed

Once you’ve set up a habitable room, simply drop the merchant’s signature item right on the floor and leave. You need to move just far enough away from the room for it to leave your mini-map, 30 tiles or so. Next time you return, the merchant should have already set up shop.

Incidentally, the walls and floors of the room can be made of any material. You can leave it all as dirt if you like, the merchant won’t complain, but if you’re bored, feel free to make a little project out of it. I bet they’d love an open-concept living room.

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