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How To Get the Mimic Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Here is how to get the insane difficulty Mimic Marker in Find the Markers Roblox game.
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Find the Markers is a huge Roblox “find the” passion project. With 200 markers to collect, dedicated completionists will find satisfaction with the abundance of easy and difficult ones to obtain. But one may be a little harder than the rest to find. If you are up to the challenge, then you can try to seek out the insane mimic marker, hushed away in the depths of the washable kingdom. Below is a detailed guide to how to find and collect the illustrious mimic marker in Find the Markers.

How To Get the Mimic Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Traveling to the Washable Kingdom

Firstly, you must travel to the sub-biome of the washable kingdom. Thankfully, the commute is simple.

Upon spawn, you must travel to the clock tower that is directly in view. Circling behind it and there will be an invisible truss to climb. Climbing that, you must walk around to the other side of that platform to find another invisible truss. Climb that, and at the top, you will be teleported to the washable kingdom.

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Mimic Marker Location in Find the Markers

To get the mimic marker requires you to walk almost around the entirety of the washable kingdom, so here is a brief guide of the important locations:

  • Castle Keep – directly in front of you at spawn. Inside are four turrets that can be climbed. There is an orb here.
  • Fantasy Forest – to the left of the castle. There is an orb here.
  • The Market – just below the enchanted forest. There is a merchant marker and an orb here.
  • Periwinkle field – the other half of the map. There is an orb here.
  • Dragon Cliff – located in Periwinkle field. You can climb it to the dragon’s lair, where there will be a gate to the foliage dungeon. There is an orb here.
  • Foliage Dungeon – once unlocked, will take you to the mimic marker…

Now acquainted with the land, you are ready to find the mimic marker.

How to Find the Orbs and Get the Mimic Marker

To access the mimic marker, you must go through the foliage dungeon located at the bottom of Dragon Cliff, which would be easy if it wasn’t locked. At the top of Dragon Cliff is a confusing map of the area. Players would have to decipher this map to solve the puzzle – but I’ve done that for you.

The map relates to all the orbs dotted around the kingdom. Essentially, you must activate the orbs in a certain order to open the gate (you will be rewarded with a duck’s quack to signify this).

Screenshot via GJ/markers epic memers

Here are the orbs in order:

  1. Firstly, go to the Periwinkle Field. Seek the body of water furthest from spawn and closest to Dragon Cliff. Looking under it (you can zoom out to see this better) and you will see a platform. Fall into the water and land on the platform and activate the orb.
  2. Secondly, after respawning, activate the orb behind you that’s next to the yellow gate.
  3. Next, travel to the Market. In the corner, not far from the merchant marker, will be another orb. Activate it.
  4. Then, travel to the Fantasy Forest. There will be an orb in clear view. Activate it.
  5. Penultimately, find and activate the orb that is between Dragon Cliff and Castle Keep.
  6. Finally, for the last orb, you must travel up Dragon Cliff and enter the hole in the wall. Walking through, drop down the steep decline and activate the final orb.

With all the orbs activated, after hearing the duck quack, the gate to the Foliage Dungeon will open.

Finding the Mimic Marker

Now, for the fun part. Passing the dragon (which is a marker in disguise), you will find a green gate on the side of the wall. Walk through it and continue through the Foilage Dungeon.

In front of you will be three tunnels framed by green brick. You must walk to the middle tunnel and parkeour up the wall to the left of it. You will soon find there to be a subtle parkour pathway that you can make your way across, snaking to the left. Still carefully walking along the small purchase, over the other tunnel, you will find a tiny slit in the wall.

Screenshot via GJ/markers epic memers

Walk through the slit. For the parkour section, it may help to be zoomed out to allow you to more easily see your goal and your pathway. Make sure to look around to keep your endpoint in mind.

Now through the crack in the wall, you will stumble upon a horde of treasure!

Opening all of the chests, and you will find one to be without treasure, but a sign. Drop through it. There, in front of you, will be the purple mimic marker in all of its glory. Walk up to it before respawning your character, or you won’t have claimed it.

Screenshot via GJ/markers epic memers

There you have it, the detailed guide to finding the Mimic Marker in Find the Markers in Roblox. Keep your eyes on Gamer Journalist for more Roblox content!

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