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How to Get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2

It can be yours in a few hours
How to Get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2

Getting the original Gjallarhorn used to take weeks upon weeks of grinding. Then, the Iron Gjallarhorn was in most Guardian’s hands in a few days. Our newest third-generation Gjallarhorn, though, will take you mere hours to obtain. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2

  1. Talk to Shaw Han
  2. Complete the Grasp of Avarice
  3. Defeat seven Powerful Fallen enemies in the Cosmodrome
  4. Speak with Banshee
  5. Complete the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector
  6. Return to Shaw Han’s Camp

Talk to Shaw Han

When you load into your navigation menu, you should see two notifications. One of them will prompt you to speak with Xur in Eternity. The other will tell you that Shaw Han wants to see you – that will be the Gjallarhorn quest. 

So, head straight on over to the Cosmodrome and talk to the plucky Hunter. He will give you some dialogue before prompting you to complete the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon. 

How to Get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 - Grasp of Avarice

Complete Grasp of Avarice

This will be the longest and hardest step in the Gjallarhorn quest by a country mile. You’ll need a Fireteam of three to complete the dungeon, so head on over to your friendly neighborhood LFG, unless you want to try and solo it. 

Despite being new, Grasp of Avarice isn’t too difficult to complete. I’ve got a complete guide on how to complete the Grasp of Avarice dungeon in case you need a helping hand. 

Defeat 7 Powerful Fallen Enemies in the Cosmodrome

After completing Grasp of Avarice, you will need to return to Shaw back in the Cosmodrome. He will then tell you that you need to kill seven powerful Fallen enemies to collect Wolfpack rounds. 

By “powerful fallen” he means yellow bars. Any Public Event will have more than enough enemies to complete this step, so rally at whichever is closest to you.

How to Get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 - Banshee-44

Speak with Banshee

After you get all seven Wolfpack rounds, you’ll need to go to the tower and speak with Banshee. After some more beautifully written dialogue, you’ll be sent to complete the Exodus Garden 2A lost sector on the Cosmodrome. 

Complete the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector

By tracking the Gjallarhorn quest, you will be given a map marker showing you how to get to the lost sector. Completing it is incredibly straightforward. You’re doing the regular version, not a Legend or Master one, so it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. 

How to Get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 - Shaw Han

Return to Shaw Han’s Camp 

Fast travel back to Shaw Han and interact with a container inside of his camp. Then, spin around and speak to the man himself. 

With all of the components collected and assembled, you’ll have yourself a genuine third-generation Gjallarhorn, and only for an hour or two worth of work, too. 

Get out there and enjoy the rocket launcher, Guardian! I know I will. 

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