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How to get the Froggy skin in Arsenal

How to get the Froggy skin in Arsenal

Are you wondering how to get the Froggy skin in Arsenal? There are a few steps you need to follow, including making the frog grow, following him to an apartment, and playing a carnival game. Here’s everything you need to know to unlock this fresh new skin.

How to get the Froggy skin in Arsenal

  • Deploy on Boulevard map
  • Go to the frog by Stinky’s Gasoline gas station
  • Make the frog grow by eliminating players and follow him
  • Deploy on the Apartment map
  • Score 1,000 points in the carnival game

To unlock the Froggy skin in Arsenal, start by deploying on the Boulevard map. Make your way over to Stinky’s Gasoline gas station and look for a little frog by the dumpster.

How to get the Froggy skin in Arsenal

Next, you need to eliminate players near the frog to make it grow so it can walk around. When the frog gets big enough and moves, follow him to the apartment. The frog will make its way to a boarded-up door. Shoot the boards and the note off of the door and Froggy will knock you out and teleport you somewhere.

Select any map, team mode, or game type and deploy. You will load into the Apartment map after selecting a team. Turn around, and you will see a sign that says the following:

“Lizzy Says: Protect the cute green frogs! The dastardly ducks have teamed up with the terrible teddies and are attacking the frogs! Watch out for their boss, the ever so annoying and evil midi; she might show her face ’round these parts!”

You must score 1,000 points in the carnival game by shooting any object except the frogs. Taking out the frogs decreases your overall score. After obtaining 1,000 points, you unlock the Froggy skin in Arsenal. Now you can head into your locker and check it out.

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