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How To Get the Fortnite Llama Skin

He made it to Retirement ...
Fortnite Llama
Image via Epic Games

I don’t know about you, but I remember an era when seeing a llama in Fortnite meant one of two things. Either you were about to have a loot payday, or inevitably someone would swoop in from behind you and steal your loot payday. But, in December of 2021, some players may have encountered a llama in-game that changed their association with llamas forever. Here’s some info regarding the Lt. John Llama Outfit.

Who or What is Lt. John Llama?

Lt. John Llama was an outfit in Fortnite that debuted on December 5, 2021. It was given a rarity of EPIC, and as such, is no longer available as of writing. But, there were a number of selectable styles that could be unlocked, including: Special Forces, Classic, Photo Negative, Scarlet Blackout, and Gilded Reality.

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This outfit was included as part of the Lloose Cannon set. In addition to the outfit, players could also receive a loading screen, a pickaxe, and more! Here’s everything that was included:

  • The Heat (Loading Screen)
  • Trot Shot (Back Bling)
  • Lt. John Llama (Outfit)
  • Llaminator (Pickaxe)
  • Lloose Cannon (Wrap)
  • Wooly Mammoth (Glider)
  • Chomp Cud!! (Spray)
  • Back ‘N’ Better (Emoticon)

How to Get Lt. John Llama Skin in Fortnite?

Alas, you can’t. It would seem that, as of writing, the availability window for this outfit has come and gone. What this means is that, unless Epic Games decides to bring Lt. John Llama out of retirement, those who managed to purchase the skin when it was available have a true collector’s item.

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