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How to Get the Ferrox in Warframe

The Ferrox is calling to you.
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Warframe needs no introduction. The free-to-play sensation that sees you zipping around planets and slaying enemy after enemy has an incredible set of weapons to help you do just that. If your arsenal features a certain Ferrox-shaped hole, then allow this guide to fill it. The Ferrox is an incredibly powerful speargun that is wielded by Derim Zahn. With a whole arsenal of its own, the Ferrox has a versatile array of attacks that you can utilize against your foes. Here is how to acquire the Ferrox in Warframe.

How to get the Ferrox in Warframe


To get the Ferrox, you’ll first need to research the blueprint.

Blueprints can be research from the energy Lab in the clan dojo. The ferrox is quite deep in the tech tree, and is rather expensive. You will have to research all the perquisites first before you can unlock the Ferrox research. Once you have researched the Amprex, the Ferrox will become available.

When available, you will have to pay a pricey sun:

  • 10,000 Credits
  • 800 Fieldron Samples
  • 550 Circuits
  • 3,500 Ferrite
  • 500 Oxium

Once paid for, the research will take 3 days to complete.

ferrox in warframe
Image via Warframe Fandom Wiki

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Once the research is complete, you can finally manufacture it with the Foundry aboard your ship. This, however, is also very expensive.

  • 30,000 Credits
  • 5 Fieldrons
  • 30,000 Alloy Plates
  • 35,000 Salvage
  • 1 Forma

Once paid for, it will take 1 day to complete. You can spend 35 Platinum to rush the construction, allow it to be built instantly.

The Ferrox can be sold on the market for 7,500 Credits but can be bought from the market for 150 Platinum.

ferrox hold in warframe
Image via Warframe Fandom Wiki

After it is complete, you’ll be able to equip it and use it. Before you take on any difficult missions, it would be advised to test it out in easier missions or open-world maps first.

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