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How to Get Supercharger Mutator and How Does It Work in Remnant 2

Charging up your full potential
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Creating your perfect Build for Remnant 2 requires a lot of trial and error. Through finding the right Archetypes to suit your playstyle, upgrading your Relic Charges to the max, to mastering your chosen weapon. But becoming a weapons master is not as simple as practising your weakspot and critical markers against the enemies. No, instead you will want to experiment with the added damage bonus and status effects that are offered through the use of Weapon Mods and Mutators. Whilst not all weapon adjustments that you find through hard work and exploration can work seamlessly with every weapon you get in the game, some will put a good weapon in your hand into the weapon wall of fame. This is Vincent’s guide on how to get the Supercharger Mutator in Remnant 2.

What is the Supercharger Mutator?

The Supercharger Mutator is a specific Mutator used for Ranged Weapons only. Specifically, it can only be used on Bows and Fusion Rifles. Because of this, it may not be the Mutator for you depending on which weapons you are rocking throughout your playthrough. The Supercharger offers an increased charge speed of 10% which can be increased to a total of 30% upon reaching Level 10. This Level 10 Mutator also offers an increased Crit Chance of 15% which is great for those who want a Bleed Build. For those wondering, the increased Charge Speed for weapons in the Bow and Fusion Rifle category allows a shorter duration in which the weapon is fully charged or pulled back to deal the most damage it can in a single hit.

Not only does the Supercharger decrease the amount of time spent having to pull the bow back or energize the fusion rifle but, it naturally increases the weapon’s firing rate, making what is typically a slower bolt-action or single-fire weapon into a powerhouse due to the levelled up Mutator when equipped.

How to Get Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2

The hunt for this Mutator begins by obtaining the Dreamcatcher weapon. Although this does not work at all with the Supercharger once obtained, you will need this in order to get the Mutator you desire. To get the Dreamcatcher, players need to get into the Tortured Asylum of Morrow Parish. To do so, you will need to get past the strange web inside the first Asylum located in Losomn. A full guide on this can be found here. In summary, you need to get the Soulkey Tribute after defeating the Asylum boss called Magister Dullain. The Tribute is gained outside of the area where a Nightweaver can be seen fleeing from a corpse (object found on the corpse).

The Tribute can be used to unlock the web’s gateway directly into the Tortured Asylum. You will be transported immediately and have to defeat the Nightweaver on the other side. Once done, the Stone Doll Quest is needed via the Head Doctor of the Asylum. You need to find x3 Stone Dolls in the locations of: Iron Safe Room, Ripsaw Arena and 3rd Floor of the Asylum. This will give you the code needed of ‘2971by listening to the Doctor’s melody. Inside the cell unlocked via the code, you will get the actual Nightweaver Stone Doll needed to use on the final strange web to unlock the Dreamcatcher.

Where to Find the Supercharger Mutator

Now that you have the Dreamcatcher, head to Corrupted Harbor in Root Earth. You need to head to the lower floor and into the docks area where following it through will take you into a clearing with the Escalation Protocol located at its dead centre. You need to have the Dreamcatcher equipped so that you can melee the Protocol to obtain the Walker’s Dream. With this, head into your inventory and use the Walker’s dream to get teleported to Twilight Vale in Root Earth. Find and defeat Bane to get the Supercharger Mutator as a dropped item by completing this Objective.

That was our full guide on obtaining the Supercharger Mutator for Remnant 2. For more Remnant 2 guides, be sure to check out our GJ section found here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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