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Bleed is a crucial part of Build making in RPGs. For many FromSoftware fans, Bleed Builds just come second nature. There are many ways to cheese the game through the use of Bleed Weapons and increasing that crit damage through whatever means necessary. The hunt is on to find the best Bleed Build to use in Remnant 2 but in doing so, you will need a long list of collectables to build upon your Archetype as a simple Secondary Class will not do. For this reason, this is Vincent’s guide on the current best Bleed Build for Remnant 2.

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How to Get Merciless Weapon in Remnant 2

There is nothing more satisfy than watching your enemies bleed to your power. But in the search for the perfect Build, what better place to start than the best Bleed Weapon of choice – the Merciless. As crit damage is the most crucial aspect of developing a Bleed Build for any RPG, starting and basing the Build around the Merciless just makes sense.

For base stats, the Merciless looks at a 10% crit chance with a 100% weak spot damage bonus. The true strength of this weapon however is with its Bloodline Mod that offers 25% crit damage bonus with a damage increase of 50% for each enemy it hits via the Bloodline blast. This should be used in combination with specific Archetypes that we get into more below. But the search for the Merciless can be done inside Ravenger’s Lair.

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Inside the Lair you will need to shoot Ravenger to initiate the battle between the two of you. During the fight the Ravenger will want to eat the doe which you must allow to happen. Once you defeat the Ravenger, the Crimson Membrane will be obtained which can then be used to craft the Merciless inside Ward 13, via Ava McCabe (the Special Weapons Maker).

What Archetype to Use in Remnant 2 for Bleed Build

Now that you have the Merciless Weapon it is now about what Archetype to use. When thinking about each Class available in Remnant 2, crit damage must be singled out as the main aspect to look for when creating your Bleed Build once again. Because of this, Gunslinger and Hunter are the best picks that equally work well together for your Primary and Secondary Archetype. Whilst the Medic is an option as it provides crit damage too, the Gunslinger and Hunter is best used with the Merciless due to the long range weapon buffs that both Classes provide.

The Hunter will seek weakspot and crit damage. You will want to use the Loaded Prime Perk for Gunslinger (Primary Archetype) which will allow you to continuously pummel pullets into enemies for 15 seconds. We recommend the Bulletstorm Skill of the Gunslinger for a massive 25% crit chance and the Hunter’s Focus which boosts weakspot and crit chance to act in place for the Dead to Rights Prime Perk that will not be equipped for the Build.

Best Relic, Amulet, Mods and Rings for Bleed Build

Finally, when looking at relevant items to perfect the Build you will want these items for your Bleed Build in Remnant 2:

  • Enlarged Heart Relic – increased crit chance, ranged damage and stamina recovery
  • Energized Neck Coil – increases status effect damage by 25%
  • Encrypted Ring – 10% health regen over 10s.
  • Timekeeper’s Jewel Ring – increases duration of status effects
  • Blood Tinged Ring – Gain 2 health regeneration points within 10 meters of a bleeding enemy.

Increasing status effects is incredibly important to the Bleed Build as it will increase the overall duration in which the enemies bleed for once you stack enough crit damage against them.

That was our recommendation for the best Bleed Build to use in Remnant 2. For more Remnant 2 guides, feel free to check out our Remnant 2 section over at Gamer Journalist which can be found here. Thank you for reading.

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