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How To Get Sunlight Marker in Find the Markers

Here is how to get the extreme difficulty Sunlight Marker in Find the Markers Roblox game.
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Find the Markers is a huge Roblox “find the” passion project. With 200 markers to collect, dedicated completionists will find satisfaction with the abundance of easy and difficult ones to obtain. But there are some that prove more difficult than the others to obtain. The Sunlight Marker, deep in a dungeon but high in the sky, is an extreme difficulty marker that many people strive for, but can never get. Here is your detailed guide to find the Sunlight Marker in Fine the Markers.

How To Get the Sunlight Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Traveling to the Washable Kingdom

Firstly, you must find your way to the washable kingdom, as that is your pathway to the Foliage Dungeon. Upon spawning into the game, make your way to the clock tower and climb the invisible truss behind it. Once on the first platform, circle back to the front to climb the second invisible truss. Once that has been done, you will be teleported to the washable kingdom.

Screenshot by GJ/markers epic memers

Getting to the Foliage Dungeon

An orb puzzle is required to unlock the gate to Foliage Dungeon that is locked under Dragon Cliff. Here are the orbs that you must activate in order:

  1. Looking under it (you can zoom out to see this better) and you will see a platform. Fall into the water and land on the platform and activate the orb.
  2. Secondly, after respawning, activate the orb behind you that’s next to the yellow gate.
  3. Next, travel to the Market. In the corner, not far from the merchant marker, will be another orb. Activate it.
  4. Then, travel to the Fantasy Forest. There will be an orb in clear view. Activate it.
  5. Penultimately, find and activate the orb that is between Dragon Cliff and Castle Keep.
  6. Finally, for the last orb, you must travel up Dragon Cliff and enter the hole in the wall. Walking through, drop down the steep decline and activate the final orb.
Screenshot by GJ/markers epic memers

Once all the orbs have been activated in that order, the gate will be unlocked, and your entry into the Foliage Dungeon will be uncontested. Make your way past the dragon and into the gate.

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Finding the Sunlight Marker

Now in the dungeon, you can move on through till you hit a dirt pile. There will be an obby to the left of it, you just need to climb a small cliff.

Pass through the obby until you reach the end where there is a tree and a gate. You will want to unlock the gate by pressing the mushroom in the corresponding code, “2”, “1”, “3”.

This next part is tricky. you have to climb the tree to the top and jump onto the gate. Once there, you must travel across the gate to the right side. Jump onto the stone platform to the left of it. A small distance away will be a camouflaged truss. You must make the jump to climb up it and arrive into the Sunlight Marker’s room.

This will take quite a few tries but keep trying!

Once in the room, you must touch the marker to claim it before respawning.

Screenshot by GJ/markers epic memers

There you have it, the detailed guide to finding the Mimic Marker in Find the Markers in Roblox. Keep your eyes on Gamer Journalist for more Roblox content!

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