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How to find the Foliage Marker in Find the Markers

Here is how to get the extreme difficulty Foliage Marker in Find the Markers Roblox game.
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Find the Markers, by markers epic memers, is a huge Roblox “find the” passion project. With 200 markers to collect, dedicated completionists will find satisfaction with the abundance of easy and difficult ones to obtain. But you may find yourself trying to fly high. And I mean really high. The Foliage Marker in Find the Markers will have you skiving deep underground and rising high on the journey to find the extreme difficulty marker. Here is your detailed guide to score you the Foliage Marker

How To Get the Foliage Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Traveling to the Washable Kingdom

In order to get the marker, you must travel to the washable kingdom, the land back in time. Thankfully the journey there is simpler than time travel. Upon spawning in, you must make your way to the clock tower in the abandoned city. Behind it is an invisible truss that you must climb. Once on the platform, there will be another invisible truss on the other side of the clock tower. Once you climb that, you will find yourself in the washable kingdom.

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Pathing the way for the Foliage Marker

To get to the Foliage Marker, you must gain access to the Foliage Dungeon. The gate to the Foliage Dungeon is locked underneath Dragon Cliff. to open the gate, you must complete a puzzle.

The puzzle is to activate all the orbs scattered around washable kingdom in the correct order. There is a confusing map you must decipher in order to find the order, but I’ve done all the leg work for you.

Here are the orbs in order:

  • Firstly, go to the Periwinkle Field. Seek the body of water furthest from spawn and closest to Dragon Cliff. Looking under it (you can zoom out to see this better) and you will see a platform. Fall into the water to land on the platform and activate the orb.
  • Secondly, after respawning, activate the orb that’s next to the yellow gate behind you.
  • Next, you must travel to the Market. In the corner, not far from the merchant marker, will be another orb that you must activate.
  • Then, travel to the Fantasy Forest. There will be an orb in clear view for you to activate.
  • Penultimately, find and activate the orb that is between Castle Keep and Dragon Cliff.
  • Finally, for the last orb, you must travel up Dragon Cliff and enter the hole in the wall. Walking through, drop down the path and activate the final orb before walking into the chamber.

With all this done, the gate will be opened for you travel into.

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Growing the beanstalk to get the Foliage Marker

Finally inside the Foliage Dungeon, you must grow a giant beanstalk and water it till it grows so big that you can climb it out of the ceiling to claim the extreme marker.

Keep walking through to the mass of dirt in the middle of the dungeon. Plant the seed. On your right, now, is an ever-decreasing green bar. You must fill the beanstalk with water to reset the bar and grow the beanstalk. Once you have done this three times, then the beanstalk will be fully grown, allowing you to climb it.

Around you are three obbys to complete. At the end of each obby is a pool of water that you will collect. you can only collect one at a time, and you have to reach the water and travel back before the green bar depletes, which would kill the beanstalk, making you start over.

Screenshot by GJ/markers epic memers

Due to that, I would advise starting the with the obby in the middle – the most difficult one. In that obby you must avoid vine beams as if evading laser beams in a heist. This is the most difficult one, as the vines appear to have hitboxes larger than their perceivable object.

The other two obbys are easy.

The right obby is a parkour challenge with moving bouncy lilly pads.

The left obby is another parkour challenge, however to get the platforms you must click on the glowing mushrooms. At the end, you must click the glowing mushrooms in accordance with the code on the wall. Click on the “2” mushroom, then the “1” mushroom, then the “3” mushroom to defeat the barrier.

Once the beanstalk is grown, you can travel up it and finally make your appointment with the Foliage Marker and its knowledgeable secrets…

There you have it, the detailed guide to finding the Mimic Marker in Find the Markers in Roblox. Keep your eyes on Gamer Journalist for more Roblox content!

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