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How to Get Sosuke in Roblox Anime Adventures

How to gain Sosuke in Anime Adventures
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I’ve been shamelessly playing Roblox every day now and it seems that I have grown into a full out obsession. As I was traveling through the bountiful amounts of games created by talented developers I came across Roblox Anime Adventures. It featured tons of anime characters that I know and love and was instantly hooked. Imagine being able to play Vegeta from Dragon Ball or Ban from Seven Deadly Sins? Another character I was swooning over was their version of Sasuke, or should I say, Sosuke. If you want to add Sosuke to your team here’s what you need to do. Here’s how to get Sosuke in Roblox Anime Adventures!

Sosuke Roblox Anime Adventures

If you’re looking to try to add Sosuke to your team you can breathe because obtaining Sosuke in Roblox Anime Adventures is fairly easy. There are different variants of him that means it will be harder to get, however for the base game Sosuke, there’s only one way to snag him. In order to get Sosuke you need to summon him in the lobby. You have the chance of obtaining a rare, epic, legendary, or mythical character.

This process is very similar to Piece Adventures which follows the One Piece franchise. In order to beat boss battles or take down powerful enemies you need to summon characters for a chance to get them in a drop. Since Sosuke isn’t considered a mythical, unless you want his different variations within the game, you can think of him as a rare character. You have a 27.3% chance of gaining him.

Summoning in Roblox Anime Adventures

Summoning for characters is another easy process. This will only require you to do some grinding for diamonds. Head for the lobby and you’ll see the summoning section. Click to summon for a character and you will notice it’s going to charge you 50 diamonds or a summoner ticket for each spin. If you have a VIP game pass you will get 40 gems. After an hour has passed the banner will refresh and you’ll have chances to gain new characters to your roster.

If you want different variations of Sosuke such as Sosuke (Hebi), Sosuke (Speed), Sosuke (Storm) you need to roll a mythical. After you have summoned you will start to gain pity and once you have reached 100% pity you can guarantee a mythical drop. After you have secured a mythical or legendary character the pity will reset and you’ll have to start from the beginning. There’s a 0.25% chance you will gain access to a mythical character.

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