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How to Get Denji in Roblox Anime Adventures

Your ultimate guide for Denji.

Anime Adventures has all manner of anime heroes for players to collect and fight with. For a limited time, players can acquire the unit Denjy, based off Denji from Chainsaw Man. Anime Roblox experiences typically depict Denji in his hybrid form, so this is a rare circumstance for all of anime Roblox game culture. Here’s how to get Denjy in Anime Adventures.

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How to get Denji in Anime Adventures

Denji, known as Denjy in-game, is a limited-time character in Anime Adventures. This means that you will only be able to get him for a limited time, so act quick! Near the summons room will be a booth called Devil Contracts. You will need to buy a Devil Contract Tier 5, which are available after reaching rank 5 yourself.

Once you have completed the mission, you have a small chance of being rewarded with a Devil City Secret Portal, which will appear in your inventory. Host that match and once you have completed the level, you’ll be rewarded with Denjy. It is a guaranteed drop if you are the host. If you join someone else’s game, then there is only a chance of you getting Denjy.

Naturally, you can also trade to get this unit.

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Can you evolve Denji in Anime Adventures?

Evolution, in Anime Adventures, is a fantastic way to significantly increase your units’ effectiveness. Such evolutions are typically very expensive, however. Unfortunately, due to Denjy being a limited character, players cannot evolve him. You’ll have to make do with this regular incredible stats. You should be fine, he’s a meta character by himself.

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