How to Get Smooth Stone in Minecraft

You ever find a really smooth rock by a river or something? It’s satisfying, right? A perfectly smooth surface you can feel between your fingers. It’s a scientific fact people like smooth things; why do you think Apple stuff is so popular? It’s the smoothness, son. If you need a little more smoothness in your jagged world, then here’s how to get smooth stones in Minecraft.

You’ve been hit by a smooth mineral

While regular, dime-a-dozen stone blocks are plentiful and useful in Minecraft, the one thing ain’t is smooth. Or at least, I assume so. Luckily, while not quite as plentiful as regular stone, smooth stone is relatively easy to obtain, both through a bit of crafting and naturally in the world.

How to Get Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Here are the steps for getting Smooth Stone in Minecraft:

  1. Build a Furnace with 8 Cobblestone
  2. Use Coal and Cobblestone to make Stone
  3. Use Stone and Coal to make Smooth Stone

If you’ve got a furnace set up already (and I imagine you do if you have a surplus of regular stone), you can smelt stone blocks in there for an easy supply of smooth stone. One stone cube plus any kind of fuel you can put in the furnace equals one delightfully smooth cube of smooth stone. If you don’t have a furnace yet, or just can’t be bothered, you can discreetly swipe a few cubes and slabs of the stuff from Butcher houses in Villages located in snowy tundras, savannahs, or plains. 

Once you’ve got your smooth stones and have caressed them to satisfaction, you can put them to work for you. Unfortunately, smooth stone can’t be used in the same way as regular stone, but it can be crafted into small slabs for decoration, as well as a blast furnace with a regular furnace and some iron. The blast furnace smelts ores and metal armor and tools at twice the speed of a normal furnace (albeit at twice the fuel cost), so if you need to melt stuff down in a hurry, it’s a great investment. Besides all that, smooth stone is slightly harder than regular stone, so it makes for a decent building material in a pinch.