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How to Get Savage Wolverine in Division 2

Find the secret weapon and dominate the battlefield.
Destiny 2 How to Find Savage Wolverine
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Division 2 is an open-world versatile shooter that has tons of side missions, quests, and easter eggs for you to discover. Of course, you don’t have to complete each and every task in order to complete the game but some of the tasks in the game are interesting, and challenging and often come with a reward.

Savage Wolverine is a reward for a set of challenging tasks in Division 2 but many would say that its power justifies the grind required.

How to Find Savage Wolverine in Division 2?

Savage Wolverine is a rare automatic weapon with an interesting ability – whenever you kill an enemy that is closer than 7 meters, you get 50% added damage for 10 seconds. However, due to its high default damage and this special ability, it is hard to come by.

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Getting Savage Wolverine is pretty straightforward and involves completing all four stages of Firewall research. Start the Firewall Research from the Base of Operations and each stage will show a set of tasks that need to be completed in order to move to the next stage. Keep in mind that each stage in this quest has separate rewards so by the moment you get your hands on Savage Wolverine you will acquire a number of rewards in your hands.

Some of the simpler requests will include killing enemies with fire, killing them at close range, or killing a particular type of enemy which won’t take much time. As you complete these easier tasks, you will get those that are more challenging such as completing certain missions on harder difficulties.

When you get a task of applying 2 status effects on an enemy, choose some of the stronger ones, like bounty targets or Hunters. Weaker regular enemies will in most cases die before you have a chance to get 2 different status effects on them.

Task that requires you to kill enemies with a sidearm can easily be completed with a D50 gun as it’s the strongest pistol in the game.

One of the more demanding objectives you will have to do is saluting a burning enemy. In this case, you would have to lure one enemy to an isolated place or just find a lone soldier and burn him as even a single shot in a bigger battle will interrupt the salute.

We described how to approach some of the trickier ones as other objectives will be more straightforward even though still challenging. If you are playing in a team, make sure to remind your teammates of tasks you are trying to complete so they don’t ruin your chances of completing some of these difficult tasks.

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