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How to Get Sanguine in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Red swords are great swords.

Swords. Classic, reliable, varied, the epitome of weapon crafting. I love them, and I always pick them as my main weapon of choice. I mean, could you blame me? Arguably, the most famous and named weapons in gaming and history, in general, are swords. So I have human culture at my side. Go ahead and join this search with me, and continue reading to know how to get Sanguine in Roblox Arcane Odyssey.

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How to Get Sanguine in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Oh yes, time to get a great sword. After looking for heavy weaponry and double-handed blades, at last we arrive at something that I consider to be up my alley, my cup of tea, my area of expertise. Anyway, enough with the synonyms. The Sanguine is a unique weapon you will find in Arcane Odyssey. It has a Base Damage of 15, an Attack Size of 1, and an Attack size of 0.1. It has 5 unique skills, with only the first three ones currently available and implemented. So, where is Sanguine? Well, it is in the hands of a character we may have visited before.

That character is Architect Merlot, also known as Merlot, The Waltz of Death. I have heard many waltzes before, but I have never died from them, so this is indeed a powerful guy. He is a level 300 side boss that is found inside the Assassin’s Syndicate, located in Blackwater Grotto, Whitesummit, Bronze Sea. If this sounds overly complicated, it’s because it is. Anyway, head inside the Syndicate and you will find the Walts of Death. Defeat him and you will be able to get Sanguine as one of the possible drops. You have a 1 out of 5 chance to have an item drop, which cuts in half because you can also get the Silent Blades from Merlot.

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This all translates to Architect Merlot farming because you will have a 10 percent chance of getting Sanguine. If you like to avoid fighting Merlot directly, be sure to head to the topmost part of the mountain outside and use large AoE magic attacks, which will kill Merlot after a while. Good luck!

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