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How to get Rich and Win the Lottery in BitLife

BitLife is a popular life simulator game for iOS and Android, where players can live any digital life they want. Players can choose from tons of different occupations and take a variety of different paths in life. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get rich and win the lottery in BitLife. 

How to get Rich and Win the Lottery in BitLife

First off, there are many routes you can take, but we’re going to show you what we consider to be the easiest and most foolproof way to get rich. Start by studying as much as humanly possible. Get the best job you possibly can right out of school using your education. For example, get an undergraduate degree in finance and go to business school. Start a career as a business analyst out of school. Doing this will allow you to accumulate a hefty amount of money that you can use to invest in real estate.

It is important to max out your “Smarts” meter and make sure it is as high as possible. You will need maximum smarts to ensure this method works. Having high intelligence increases your odds of getting the most amount of money over the long term. Most of the money we make this way will come from playing the lottery. Compared to every other activity in this game, the lottery rewards the most amount of money. 

Winning the Lottery in Bitlife

Having your Smarts meter over 90% or at the maximum 100% makes it so you will make money the fastest. Every time you play the lottery, you will probably see a message saying you didn’t win, with something along the lines of “it was worth a shot,” or “must be rigged.” You can play the lottery as many times as you want during the year until you finally hit for a win. Eventually, you will pull in anywhere from $100,000 to $100,000,000 from the lottery. Repeat the process until you have around 300 million dollars in the bank. 

Getting Rich in BitLife

After pulling in your first multi-million dollar win, you can start buying out all of the real estate properties available. Buying newer real estate properties gives you better long-term payouts, so target those whenever possible. Some of your properties start deteriorating after time, and you can renovate them using the second most expensive option, so you don’t go broke. You do not need to play the lottery every year. After breaking $100,000,000 with a bunch of different real estate, you can start to focus on other things like Health and Happiness.

You will reach a certain point in your game where you have over $100,000,000 and are only purchasing million-dollar real estate. Continuing to play the lottery after this point becomes a pointless task. When you have a lot of properties, you will notice your game start to become laggy. Start selling off your cheaper properties at this point and focus on the most expensive properties.

Around age 100, you should be around $1,000,000,000 and officially be a billionaire. Eventually, you may cap out your money at around $2 billion, and you might as well consider it a win by that point. An interesting thing to note is that some players report living in Monaco because of expensive properties and no real estate taxes.

Health and Happiness in BitLife

It would help if you were focusing on your Health and Happiness meters every year as well. Activities include going to the gym, meditating, and hitting up the library whenever possible. You should also go to the specialty doctors every year and get your colonoscopy and chiropractor work completed. Doing all of this will make sure your Health and Happiness meters stay maxed out. 

If your happiness meters start to drop, focus on travel and vacations to get it back up. 

Looks in BitLife

You don’t need to look the part of being super-rich in BitLife. If this is important to you, consider doing plastic surgery, facelifts in particular. With all your money, you can afford to go to only the best doctors to get these procedures done. You do not need a social media account or anything like that. 

At the end of your character’s life, you will probably have somewhere around 2 billion dollars if you played your cards right. That’s how to get rich and win the lottery in BitLife.

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