How to Get More Points in Tokyo Tour Peachette Cup

The final cup for Mario Kart Tour’s Tokyo Tour is the Peachette Cup. Nintendo likes to make the last couple cups of the tour extremely difficult to master. Getting five stars on these courses is going to require some time (or money) investment, if not a lot of luck.

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How to Get More Points in Tokyo Tour Peachette Cup

Peachette Cup in Tokyo Tour consists of the following courses:

  • Toad Circuit R
  • Rainbow Road R
  • Tokyo Blur R/T
  • Do Jump Boosts

Very simply said, you are going to need to get extremely lucky while using the perfect setup to attain five stars on each of the three courses in Peachette Cup. For your best odds, you need to make sure you keep your combos going for as long as possible.

In addition to running up your combos, you will need to also get lucky with Frenzies. Use a ticket to increase your odds at a Frenzy, and most important never lose your combo. That being said, several stars will have to align in order for you to break the 10,000 point mark on each of these courses.

Toad Circuit R

Diddy Kong is the top tier driver for Toad Circuit R. Unfortunately, his special skill is not all that great and you can actually run into your own bananas easily and mess up your combos.

Rainbow Road R

Peachette and Lemmy are both top tier drivers on Rainbow Road R. Both of their special abilities are not great, however I think I prefer Peachette’s Mushroom Cannon over Lemmy’s Bubble. It is just personal preference, but let’s just say I’m not fond of either of these drivers.

Tokyo Blur R/T

The top tier driver in this course is the new Mario (Hakama). There’s really no surprise here – Nintendo wants you to spend your hard earned rubies for a chance to unlock the new Mario. Without him, it’s nearly impossible to get five grand stars on this level without hitting multiple Frenzies in one race (unlikely).

Do Jump Boosts

At least Nintendo was nice enough to throw in a super easy last course. To complete this course with the maximum three Grand Star award, just hit as many jumps as you can. Make sure to aim your driver directly at every ramp you see. There are a few different paths you can take, but all paths allow you to get the required amount of jump boots for a 3-star finish.

Overall, Nintendo definitely has some work to do to balance the final cups of each tour. It is nearly impossible to get five-stars without getting extremely lucky in many different aspects on top of having all the top tier drivers, karts, and gliders.

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