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How to Get More Points in Tokyo Tour Bowser Jr. Cup

Mario Kart Tour has released the new Tokyo Tour this week, and that means there’s a new ranked race. Test your skills in the Tokyo Tour Bowser Jr. Cup to try and top the score boards. This guide will provide you with some useful tips and tricks you can use to help rack up some extra points and hit that first place spot.

How to Get More Points in Tokyo Tour Bowser Jr. Cup

The three races in Tokyo Tour’s Bowser Jr. Cup are Kalimari Desert, Tokyo Blur, and Neo Bowser City R. As with every ranked cup, you need to optimize your driver, kart, and glider combos so you get the maximum amount of points possible. Many of the drivers, karts, and gliders are available each day in the store, so you may be able to purchase them with a few coins.

Kalimari DesertLudwig and Morton are the top tier drivers on this course. You can unlock Ludwig today through the shop for only 800 coins, so you may want to do that to take advantage of the three items per box.

Tokyo Blur Mario (Musician) and Peach (Kimono) are the top tier racers in Tokyo Blur. This version of Peach can be found by firing pipes while the Tokyo Tour is active. The Rickshaw is also available from the pipes, which is a top tier kart on this course.

Neo Bowser CityBowser Jr. is the top tier driver on this reverse version of Neo Bowser City.

It’s important to level up your drivers so you get a better chance of activating a Frenzy, which will give you a massive point boost through the race. There is definitely a lot of luck involved so you will likely need to do each race dozens of times to get that Frenzy activation and max out your points.

Aside from picking the top tier drivers, karts, and gliders, make sure you perform as many actions as possible. This includes things like mini-boosts, slipstreams, hitting other drivers with items, activating Frenzies, and so on. Your personal level and kart, driver, and glider levels will also have a big impact on the total amount of points you get for finishing the race in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Each course also has shortcuts that you can utilize to jump ahead of your opponents. If you are aiming for first place, be prepared to play each course dozens of times and perfect your style. Good luck out there!

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