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How to Get Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel

Gore Magala Ken awaits us!
Monster Hunter x Street Fighter Duel Ken
Image via Crunchyroll Games

As if Capcom and Crunchyroll Games’ new mobile RPG Street Fighter: Duel didn’t have enough to offer, what with its already 40+ characters to recruit. A new event though, the Monster Hunter crossover, to be exact, offers players the chance to unlock yet another variant of a beloved Street Fighter character in Ken.

Though, this time around Ken is sporting a look that brings inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise, with this crossover’s narrative in mind too. The Gore Magala Ken is the new crown jewel of the Monster Hunter event in Street Fighter: Duel that most players want to see unlocked. But how is it done? Well, let’s talk about how to get the Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel!

How to Get Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel

The Monster Hunter event in Street Fighter: Duel actually comes with a bit of lore, that directly affects how players are going to be able to get the Monster Hunter version of Ken. This event’s main villain, Gore Magala is what everything revolves around, and is perhaps the most important obstacle standing in players’ way of getting that special, powerful new Ken variant. But he’s very much so worth the trouble, as he’s pretty strong on the battlefield. While you could purchase him outright with real-world money, we can explain how to get him for free!

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How to Earn Wyvern Tears in Street Fighter: Duel

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to focus on killing Gore Magala as soon as you can, as killing him will give you a special type of currency called Wyvern Tears. The more times you kill him, the more Wyvern Tears you’ll be able to build up. Additionally, you could complete the event-specific hunts too, as Wyvern tears are given out from HR4 on.

How to Use Wyvern Tears to Unlock Gore Magala Ken in Street Fighter: Duel

You’ll want to head to the Monster Invasion event page on the Main Menu and you’ll be able to see all of the Monster hunter activities. From there, you’ll be able to either purchase a permanent version of Gore Magala Ken for 60x Wyvern Tears (Listed as 60x Wishes) or even rent his services for three days. It’s a good idea to trial recruit him whilst trying to kill Gore, especially since he won’t cost you anything.

Well, now you know absolutely everything you’ll need to know in order to get the Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel! If you found this helpful in the slightest, then you should definitely check out some of our other fantastic guides too, such as “How to Beat Shadaloo Labyrinth in Street Fighter: Duel”. And be sure to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook as well to get all of the latest news and guides on Street Fighter: Duel!

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