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How to Complete Global Wonderland training in Street Fighter: Duel

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Artwork of several Street Fighter Duel Characters posing
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Street Fighter: Duel is an AFK Arena inspired gacha game. For people who have played AFK Arena you are probably immediately reminded of how the game hides important events and modes behind obscure menus and this time around with Street Fighter: Duel that’s even more truthful than before!

To gain access to the Global Wonderland training you will need to head over to the Challenge screen and there’s an arcade stick button hiding above the level map. Clicking on it will give you access to Wonderland Training.

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How to Beat Wonderland Training

Wonderland Training on paper seems like a pretty straightforward challenge. A lot of these are going to be puzzles that you will see later on in Global Operations. If you’re aware of Global Operations already then you know that this means you’re going to be doing dreaded ice block pushing puzzles. Yeah, like those really cool ones from Pokémon that nobody actually likes because realistically they suck.

Make sure that you push the boxes out of the way, so you can slide your car into the end zone. It’s pretty simple but rather annoying.

Image Provided by Gamer Journalist and Crunchyroll

If you complete these puzzles though you will get a ton of rewards so it is worth it in the end.

  • A-Rank character choice ticket. (Dhalsim, C. Viper, Elena, Poison, Cammy and T. Hawk)
  • 4200 gems
  • 5 Faction Coins
  • 10 Arcade Coins

This is definitely something that you want to make sure you do because the number of resources isn’t something to easily pass up especially if you’re new to the game or even in the later stages like myself. Being able to pick Dhalsim or Elena for free from doing this event is insane.

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