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How to Beat Shadaloo Labyrinth in Street Fighter: Duel

Outsmarting the labyrinth isn't as difficult as it seems!
Street Fighter Shadaloo Labyrinth Guide
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Puzzles aren’t the first thing that come to mind when someone mentions Street Fighter: Duel, but the developers of this versatile game have gone a step further from creating a simple fighter game. Street Fighter: Duel has elements of clicker games, strategies, card games, RPG games, and logical puzzles.

We could say that the game is created in a way that tests your multiple skills instead of one and wants to keep the dynamic going throughout the whole journey. One of those moments meant to keep your focus on high alert is the Shadaloo Labyrinth quest where you would need brains, not brawn to win and make progress.

Dive into our article, and see how you can beat every puzzle in the Shadaloo Labyrinth.

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Street Fighter: Duel Shadaloo Labyrinth Guide

The puzzles in Shadaloo Labyrinth are easy to understand but challenging to master. The setup is simple – you need to move around different tiles and you get to (and have to), step on each tile only once before reaching the other side of the labyrinth.

It’s not what most people would expect from a labyrinth but we must admit that it is a really well-thought-out and creative puzzle system that Street Fighter: Duel has put before us.

Here are the solutions for every labyrinth in the SHadaloo Labyrinth quest:

Note: The first puzzle in the game is very simple and can’t be done wrong so we skipped it in this guide.

Shadaloo Labyrinth Number 1

The number one labyrinth is fairly simple but can still be done wrong if someone rushes through it so we decided to resolve it for you. Below is the image of the solution.

Image via Gamer Journalist

Shadaloo Labyrinth Number 2

The second labyrinth is a bit more complex as there are more tiles to cover now. Check out our solution below.

Image via Gamer Journalist

Shadaloo Labyrinth Number 3

Getting to some serious levels of difficulty now. See our solution below for Shadaloo Labyrinth number 3.

Image via Gamer Journalist

Shadaloo Labyrinth Number 4

The last and the most complex labyrinth of the game. Carefully follow our instructions below and you will be out in no time.

Image via Gamer Journalist

We hope this guide helped you move forward in the game. For more Street Fighter: Duel content see our guides about the best combos in the game and about the best teams in the game. Get more exciting gaming news every day by following Gamer Journalist on Facebook.

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