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How to Get Magma Core in WoW Dragonflight

Magma cores galore.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Collecting quest specific items, specially if they are bound to drop percentages, can be a pain in the you know what. I’m not going to say it, but you get the point. Anyway, you will have to grind in order to finish this endeavor, but if you follow the below guide, at least you won’t have to look in places you won’t find what you are looking for. Here is how to get magma core in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

How to Get Magma Core

Whether you want a magma core collection in your inventory or you are quested with finding magma cores in order to gather fuel for a certain forge, gathering magma cores can be somewhat confusing. That is because you don’t get much information regarding its location or where to get it from exactly. But, if you do some imagining, you could figure out that you need to travel to places that are close to lava. And yes, that place in particular is The Walking Shores.

Each of the creatures below can be found there (with a few exceptions) and each will drop magma cores, so go ahead and pick the ones that are most convenient. In this case, the Lava Slug have a lot of population available and can be seen together quite often. You can also search for Lava Bursters since they have the most drop chance percentage of the creatures that are able to drop magma cores.

Magma Core Creature Drop Chance %

NameLocationDrop Chance %
Lava BursterThe Waking Shores14
Lava BursterThe Waking Shores8
Lava SlugThe Waking Shores7
Lava TarantulaThe Waking Shores7
Lava SnailThe Waking Shores6
Lava PhoenixThe Waking Shores3
Lava PhoenixThe Waking Shores3
Magmammoth CalfThe Waking Shores3
Magmammoth BullThe Waking Shores3
Melter IgneousThe Waking Shores3
Lava PhoenixThe Waking Shores3
Magmammoth CrusherThe Waking Shores2
Magmammoth BullThe Waking Shores1.8
Magmammoth CalfThe Waking Shores1.3
Lava FledglingThe Waking Shores1.2
Magma SkitterThe Waking Shores1.1
Lava SnailThe Waking Shores1.1
Lava PhoenixThe Waking Shores1
Spiteful SlugThe Waking Shores1
Spiteful SlugThe Waking Shores1
Battleseared MagmatuskThe Waking Shores0.8
Worldcarver A’tirThe Waking Shores0.8
Spiteful SnailThe Waking Shores0.7
Carrion PhoenixThe Waking Shores0.6
Spiteful SnailThe Waking Shores0.6
Qalashi War MammothThe Waking Shores0.6
Magmammoth BreakerThe Waking Shores0.5
Tamed PhoenixNeltharus0.4
Lava PhoenixThe Waking Shores0.4
Worldcarver WurmlingThe Waking Shores0.4
Blazing FiresquallThe Waking Shores0.3
LavaslurperThe Waking Shores0.3
Battlehorn PyrhusThe Waking Shores0.3
Lava PhoenixThe Waking Shores0.3
Basalt ShellThe Waking Shores0.3
Lava CrawlerThe Waking Shores0.3
Makhra the AshtouchedOhn’ahran Plains0.3
Lava HatchlingThe Waking Shores0.2
Spiteful SnailThe Waking Shores0.2
Slurpo, the Incredible SnailThe Waking Shores0.17
Olphis the MoltenThe Waking Shores0.16
Magmammoth BullThe Waking Shores0.15
GamgusThe Waking Shores0.14
LavaslurperThe Waking Shores0.07

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With your newly acquired magma cores, you will be able to complete the Fuel of the Forge quest from Valdrakken in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. That means new Renown and new ways to keep being the best blacksmith the Dragon Isles have ever seen.

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