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How to get Fiery Soul – Dragonflight

Trapped inside your soul-shaped box.
Image Via Blizzard Entertainment

While we may not be in a game known for the amount of deaths you will gather, a really unforgiving early boss, or bonfires, we will be talking about souls today. More specifically, gathering souls in order to make your equipment even better. That sounds like Skyrim now, but no, we are talking about World of Warcraft Dragonflight, in which you will have to gather some souls to have the best equipment, at least for a couple of levels. Here is how to get a Fiery Soul in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

How to get Fiery Soul

In order to keep making your equipment better and better, World of Warcraft will have you collect certain unique materials around the world. Among them, Elemental Souls are the ones that stand out. Being the essence of harnessed elemental enemies, these Elemental Souls come in different types: Airy, Earthen, Fiery, and Frosty Soul. Before even attempting to capture some souls, you will have to have the Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler and an Empty Soul Cage as well. You can make them yourself if you are a great Engineer or Jewelcrafter. Otherwise, go ahead and purchase them from the Auction House.

Now, the trick to capture is that, while channeling the Inhaler, the Elemental enemy has to die. Sounds harsh, but that is because it is. Now, if you are ready, head to either The Azure Span (southeast of Rhonin’s Shield) or The Garden Shrine (Thaldraszus). You will fight either a Fire Elemental or a giant Blazing Inferno, respectively. You know what to do. Go ahead and deal damage before activating the Inhaler. Do so, and you will have a Fiery Soul inside your Soul Cage.

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The Inhaler then will enter a cooldown time, and you will be able to use it again. You will need one Empty Soul Cage for every soul you need to capture. Once you have captured your fair share of souls, be ready to craft or upgrade your equipment to the max.

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