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How to Get Liquid Sun in No Man’s Sky

The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand.
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Some resources found in the universe of No Man’s Sky are very useful along your travel across the stars and galaxies. Sodium, oxygen, anti-matter even. You will need to use them to survive, power your equipment, and even fuel up your spaceship. However, there are some resources and elements found in this game that, well, are a one-time use type of items. Today, we will talk about one of those. Here is how to get Liquid Sun in No Man’s Sky.

How to Get Liquid Sun

Liquid Sun is a common resource and one of the special elements found in No Man’s Sky. It was first introduced in the Outlaws update. Its only use is as an ingredient for crafting a couple of products. Furthermore, it is a required element to craft a mission item in Expedition Seven: Leviathan. This could probably be the only time you will need this element. You will be able to get it by mining metal terrain deposits. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, no. You will have to equip a Multi-Tool upgrade called the Solar Ray.

This upgrade, in fact, works by converting metal terrain deposits into Liquid Sun and is recharged by using catalytic elements (Sodium and Sodium Nitrate). In spite of being able to create something that sounds so serious, it won’t deal any damage, making it the fourth non-damaging weapon introduced in the game. In order to get this upgrade, you will have to build it by using the following ingredients:

  • Magnetised Ferrite x50 + Cobalt x50 → Solar Ray

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Once you get your Solar Ray, you will be able to collect Liquid Sun by convertin metal terrain deposits. If you wish to repair it, use half of the elements you needed to build it (Magnetised Ferrite x25 + Cobalt x50). Since it is a very specialized weapon, at one point it will become useless, so you can dismantle it, receiving, once again, half of the elements you needed to build it in the first place. Good luck!

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