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How to Get King Crimson in World of Stands

"It is only the results that remain in this world!"
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In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diavolo’s Stand, King Crimson, regularly ranks as one of the most confusing and abstract Stands in the series (and that is saying something). It’d take a flowchart and several screenshots to explain it in detail, but all you need to know is that King Crimson just works, and it works terrifyingly well. Here’s how to get King Crimson in World of Stands.

How to Get King Crimson in World of Stands

In World of Stands, King Crimson is a Legendary-grade Stand you can obtain and use for yourself, should fortune favor you. Much like in JoJo proper, King Crimson possesses a terrifying array of abilities, including immense, earth-shattering strength, the ability to see into the future, and of course, its signature ability to erase segments from the passage of time.

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Much like most Stands, the only way to obtain King Crimson for yourself is to utilize a Stand Arrow and receive it at random. Of course, since it’s a Legendary-grade Stand, your odds of getting it from a Stand Arrow are low, at best, though you can improve them by using a Legendary Arrow. As a reminder, you can earn Stand Arrows of varying quality through the following methods:

  • Domain drops
  • Completing quests
  • Upgrading your Potential
  • Codes
  • Robux purchases

Basically, just keep using Stand Arrows of whatever rarity you can get your hands on and hope you hit the jackpot. Remember that if you don’t get the Stand you want, you’ll need to eat a Locacaca Fruit to reset your ability before you can try again.

King Crimson Abilities

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King Crimson is an exceptionally powerful stand with both brute strength and highly disorienting abilities. Here’s a quick breakdown of what King Crimson is capable of:

  • Secondary Move: Bloody Chop: Chops enemies right in front of you, dealing damage and leaving a red silhouette Mark (more on that in a second)
  • Aerial Secondary Move: Stomp: Stomps the ground directly below you
  • Power Move 1: Almighty Barrage: A barrage of punches followed by a powerful knockback punch
  • Power Move 2: Fist of Fate: A knockback punch that can be held to charge it up, with longer charges launching you further forward
  • Power Move 3: Takedown: Leap a short distance forward and slam the ground for AoE damage. Hold down to charge up and switch to Sinister Slam: if it connects with an enemy, you’ll drive them into the ground
  • Technical Move 1: Time Erase: Aim at a spot and skip time to teleport yourself there. If an enemy is Marked when Time Erase is used, both of you will be warped back to the red silhouette and their current action will be canceled
  • Technical Move 2: Epitaph: Leave a duplicate of yourself while you move out of the way. If the duplicate is attacked, the enemy will be caught in a cutscene attack that damages and staggers them
  • Ultimate: “This is King Crimson’s Ability!”: Strike an opponent to drag them into an empty realm and lay down a furious beatdown
  • Finisher: Emperor of Fate: When used on a downed enemy, King Crimson delivers a deadly chop to their neck

As long as you can wrap your head around the time-erasing gimmick (which, memes aside, isn’t actually that hard to figure out), King Crimson can effectively trap opponents in an endless loop of near-misses and relocation. There’s a reason it took a Requiem Stand to beat this thing in Part 5, you know.

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