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How to Get Helmet and Jacket in Stray

A cat burglar at large!

The quest to get the Atomic Battery in Stray involves more than one pit stop along the way. First, you have to find Clementine in Midtown (which can be confusing). But if you made it here, you are probably wondering how to help Blazer infiltrate the factory. As the game suggests, you’ll need a helmet and a jacket to help Blazer blend in. Here’s how to find both a helmet and jacket in Stray!

How to Get Helmet and Jacket in Stray


Both the helmet and jacket can be found at two nearby stores, but you can’t simply buy the items since you are a cat. Instead, you’ll have to do a couple of things. First, here’s how to be a proper cat burglar and steal the jacket in Stray.

  1. You want to head back to Clementine’s apartment complex. You’ll meet a group of robots who have cassette tapes (which you’ll need). To get them, you’ll have to smash up the apartment complex’s cameras.
  2. Head to the jacket store.
  3. Go straight to the back of the store where the fitting room is.
  4. Locate the cassette player and play the cassette tape.
  5. While the owner is distracted, grab the jacket and hightail it out of there.


Getting the helmet requires a little bit of thieving as well. Here’s how to get the helmet in Stray.

  1. Head to the hats shop. Unfortunately, the owner has closed down the shop because one of the employees (who is supposed to stock the location) is missing.
  2. Instead, head to the nearby bar. Inside, customers will complain about someone passed out in the back.
  3. Head to the back of the bar and you’ll find the missing employee passed out.
  4. Climb the nearby shelf and give the employee a surprise wake-up call.
  5. Head back to the shop and hide in the nearby box. Wait until the employee carries you inside.
  6. Grab the helmet and make your exit through the side vent.

That’s all the steps you need to be a master criminal. But the biggest heist remains. You’re well on your way to acquiring the Atomic Battery and entering the factory.

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